Thursday, January 05, 2006

Moving on (1/5/6)

Hello All--

We’ve been home for a week now, and things are still going well.  We went to Kari’s doctor for her hospital discharge follow up and got all her prescriptions done along with flu shots and a pneumonia vaccine.  The Doctor seemed to think that Kari was doing well and they were happy to see her since hearing about the accident July.  Health wise, the only problem that Kari is the tension and resulting pain in her shoulders and neck that has bothered her for months.  Her arms too, which were straightened by casting, have also started to tighten up a bit, and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new arm splints that should help correct the problem.  Other than that, we are both feeling great and still excited about being in Southern California.  (Still can’t believe SC lost!) Yesterday was such a beautiful day and Kari and I were able to get out to do some errands and see our new apartment, which Kari loved.

We move in tomorrow (Friday), and would definitely appreciate any help if you are able.  I don’t anticipate needing any help until noon or later, and if you are interested, call me and I’ll tell you where to meet.  (If you don’t have my number, leave a comment to this update with you’re email and I‘ll write you back later this evening.)  All of our stuff is either in Loma Linda at a storage unit or in Redlands at our church, so any large vehicles would obviously be useful.  The bathroom still needs modification, which we can’t start until we get the Keys and will need to start Saturday.  I have already spoken with some people about helping, but could use one or two experienced people to help get started on it on Saturday.  Needless to say, it’s about to be a very busy few days, but we are excited to get into our own place.

There is good news to report from the Logan house, where we are staying.  Melissa had (yet another) surgery yesterday to put a nerve block into her lower back and is now walking again.  She has had these done before, though, and some of the previous blocks have only worked for a few days.  We are all happy that it worked, but of course nervous about how long it will last, as the rollercoaster Melissa and her family have been on the last year has had countless ups and downs.  Still, it is a joy to see her standing.  I can understand why the atmosphere here yesterday was one more of relief than excitement as Kari and I have found it hard to celebrate some of the progress she made during rehab with the entirety of the situation still upon us.  I imagine, in our different struggles, we all feel how a soldier must feel after a long-fought battle—hardened by pain, weary from the struggle, relived by victory, and unsure about when the next inevitable battle will start.  Thank you for keeping us so faithfully in your prayers.