Friday, November 30, 2007

Here we go again...

...SIGH... Big sigh there. My caretaker just called and gave us her two weeks notice. To say I'm frustrated is a massive understatement. The last couple of days have been so rough with her. We really appreciate all she's done for us the last 10 months, but she was unwilling to accept the idea that we don't want to pay her for the days she doesn't work. Are we being unreasonable? I think not. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Anyway--right before she called I was getting ready to post this anyway.
Aaron and I have been talking and praying about our future concerning children, grad school for Aaron, how are we going to keep paying for caretakers out of our own funds. We estimate that we will be out of money in about a year from our fund. We've applied for the available state funding (Medi-Cal) that would pay for home health services. We were denied because we're married and Aaron's salary exceeds the amount you're allowed. I have appealed this and am on a waiting list (for the last 10 MONTHS) for a special waiver program that will waive Aaron's million dollar (I'm kidding) salary. Starting in January we are finally eligible for Medicare; but I found out today that I'm basically NOT DISABLED ENOUGH for them to cover home health care. So I guess it could be worse--at least Medicare thinks it should be. The good thing with Medicare is that they will cover physical and occupational therapy. This is great news. I haven't had PT/OT since I left Craig 2 years ago b/c our insurance benefit ran out. I've considered getting a job, but if I did that most of the "benefits"-or what I like to call "perks to being paralyzed"- would be eliminated. For example, my school loans do not have to be paid back since I'm permanently physically disabled. But if I start working, it compromises that benefit.

So Aaron and I have decided we have 3 options: 1. Become really poor so we get better benefits. 2. Become really rich so we wouldn't need to be dependent on the government. 3. Become famous so we could live off the royalties of published books or motivational speeches.

Please pardon my's just been a really frustrating few days.

There is a 4th option that we've decided is the most feasible. Fundraising. I have no idea how to go about doing that. I've done lots of fundraising for youth groups, but this isn't exactly like a car-wash or bake sale type of a thing.

So my question for all of you is: Does anyone have any suggestions how to go about doing this? Does anyone know of any legal loopholes in the healthcare system?

We are feeling kind of desperate. We want a family. Aaron has to go to grad school to make it into the next income level. He's maxed out on the bachelor's degree pay scale already. These things won't happen unless we figure this out.

I don't know who still checks our website here, but this has been our largest web of communication in the last couple of years.

We love you all and are so grateful for each of you.

One more thing...Please be in prayer for us. We absolutely trust God to supply and provide for us. He has so far.

Thanks for reading my rambling thoughts...We welcome and NEED your thoughts and comments. If they are personal you may email us at

Blessings to all of you-

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Prayers and Reasons to be Thankful

Hey Everyone--

I wanted to send out a request. Our senior pastor, Rick, has been having some "heart issues" since Wed. He is in the hospital being monitored. There are plans for an angiogram tomorrow (Mon). Please pray for him. He and his wife are supposed to go on vacation in a few days. I have a sense of urgency about his condition. Pray for rest and peace.

Also...My dear friend Melissa, mentioned in my previous update, is still doing great! Even better, actually, than when I wrote about her amazing healing. She now is facing the reality of life as a "normal" person and has a lot of decisions to make. If you think of her, please pray for that. She's feeling quite overwhelmed.

I also previously mentioned Amy's progress. She is even doing better! She has been moved (again!) to a sub-acute facility much closer to her home. She is eating food-getting up in a wheelchair daily-getting real showers-getting dressed! All of these things are very exciting. The presence of her family and friends is such an encouragement to her.

My heart just smiles when I think of how far these two young women have come. Their will to not just survive...but amazing.

Since I have you here, here's some family news...
My family is doing moderately well. My dad struggles with pain due to various ailments. His wheelchair is a great comfort to him as it enables him to be more mobile. The cancer seems to be somewhat under control-although I'm not fully convinced.
My mom is good. She's the hardest worker I know. She is constantly putting others first-taking care of my dad and her mom.
My grandma (dad's mom) passed away on October 9. She was 98 years old. I think two or three blogs ago there are some pictures of her when we visited last summer. Please pray for my poor grandpa if you think of him.
My brother is supposed to return from Iraq next month! Please keep praying for him...
My sister and her husband keep blessing and bringing joy to our family! The day before Josh turned 1- she found out they are expecting another baby! This little one is due sometime in June. I'm so excited to be an aunt again-for the 5th time!

With Aaron's family- we are getting close to the anniversary (Dec. 9) of losing our precious Bryan. There are still no words to express that intense heartache and devastating loss. Aaron's dad and Linda will be with us on that day. I'm glad we will have family with us this year. One of the worst things on that day was being a million miles away from our family.
Aaron's mom, brothers, and Desiree are coming the day after Christmas. We are so excited to see everyone. After two difficult Christmas seasons in a row, we are looking forward to being together.

As for Aaron and I...we are doing well! Aaron's school year is going much better than last year. He is trying so hard to get more sleep and it seems to be helping.
He also was just nominated as an "educational hero" for a regional magazine. There were only 10 selected for the year and he was one of them! We were interviewed yesterday and the magazine story will come out in January.
I was interviewed by our denominational magazine, "Light & Life", a few weeks ago. That magazine also comes out in January. I am in the "Saltshaker" section.

So, Aaron's officially a Hero-- and I'm officially a Saltshaker! I always knew Aaron was a hero, but I never knew I was a saltshaker. :) Thanksgiving approaches, I'm feeling very thankful for family and friends and good health and that God continues to watch over us and provide for us.

We are giving thanks for all of you and your tremendous support.
We love you all!