Saturday, July 30, 2005

Answers to some recent questions

     A couple of quick answers to recent questions:
     Send your emails to KAREN Morris-Guzman, room 4277, NOT Kari.  As before, emails addressed to Kari have a much higher chance of not showing up at all, and I myself did not see any emails actually delivered today.  We'll try to check on what happened tomorrow.
     The fact that they moved Kari does mean that they think she's out of the acute phase of her injuries, though her Mom just said a couple of hours ago that she herself still thinks of Kari as "critical."  They have placed her in a room right next to the nurses station and have her monitored well. 
--Richard R. Guzman

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Cathy Ross said...

Hi Kari and Aaron,

I am going to resend an email to you that I sent on Friday because I don't know if you received the other one.

Rod and I want you to know you have been in our thoughts constantly since learning of your accident. Rod wants to be there to hold your hand and give you strength and support as you did him after his heart attack surgery. He remembers very clearly opening his eyes, looking into yours and seeing the face of an angel. You keep fighting and we will keep praying.

Rod and Cathy
St. Charles FMC