Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thanks to everyone

     This is Aaron's Dad.  We knew that Kari and Aaron were loved, but the depth and breadth of that love is truly overwhelming and larger than even we imagined.  Thank you all.  For now let me send a special thanks to Cindy Miller, who made us all dinner one night, and to Pastor Jim Gallanaugh of the Cornerstone Free Methodist Church in Englewood, and youth pastor Ryan Ward of the Light and Life Free Methodist Church in Aurora (both suburbs of Denver).  Ryan brought us all lunch and a wonderful spirit, and Jim put us in contact with Ken and Janice Corns, members of his church.  When the Corns heard what had happened they said they would pray about how they could help us.  Then they called me to say they would move out into their camper and all the family and their guests could just have their whole house to stay in for a while.  "Help yourselves to all the food and coffee, and we'll try not to bother you too much," they said!  We are debters to Christ and to all in His body who have extended such kindness to us. 
     From the moment we heard of the accident I felt certain that God would heal Kari completely somehow, some way.  This is the saddest thing we have ever seen, yet we can live with great expectation, knowing this healing will happen in His time.  He loves us so much.  Again, thank you all for everything you are doing for Kari and Aaron.
     --Richard R. Guzman 


Anonymous said...

Hi I am one of Aaron's co-workers, Donna. I think the world of your son Aaron and have met Kari a few times at some of the Gage functions. What a wonderful young woman she is. When I heard the news of the accident, I felt at that very moment that God has a plan right now for Keri, That he will use her to reach so many non-believers, and strengthen those around her with his abiding love. As the story unfolds and Gods loving arms are holding Kari, I pray for strenght for all, and his loving arms warmly around Aaron. Thank you for this website, I will continue to pray throughout each day for her recovery.
God Bless,

Glee said...

I don't know if you will remember us very well but I wanted you to know that our heart aches for you and the family as you deal with this situation. Aaron and Kari will continue to be in our prayers as God works this situation out in His time.
With love,
Jerry and Glee Moore
(friends of Paveys)

Franki said...
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Franki said...

Kari is one of my dearest friends in the world!! It seems crazy how I can be so distraught over this sad situation, and at the same time, be so blessed by it all!

Many of you have received email updates regarding Kari's condition. Through those updates, I have received countless messages back from people (some who know Kari...and so who do not) who are praying and offering support -emotionally, physically and monetarily! I am personally touched by your outpouring of love!

Richard and Blake: Thank you so much for creating this blog! We continue to lift you guys up in prayer, too!

Kari and Aaron: We love you! I pray that you will constantly feel the presence of God! I promise you that there is literally a whole army out here praying for you! I am anxious for your recovery, Kari. I know, it will be long and difficult...but I am excited to see how God uses you both through this.

We will continue to pray you through this!
Love you bunches, Magic Twinkles!!!

Linda Adams said...

Linda Adams here, long-time friend and Kari-fan. May God bless and strengthen all of you who are out there with Kari and Aaron. If all of us who would like to be there showed up, the hospital would be overflowing! We're so thankful for this email connection so we can keep our hearts in touch with yours through this process. We love you!

Anne Hendrickson said...

Dear Kari and Aaron: My thoughts are with both of you. Aaron, the "tribal drums" of the RUSD music teachers have been beating steadily since the news of the accident--please know that we are all praying hard for Kari's recovery, and for Aaron to have great strength during this unimaginably difficult time.

Lots of love--Anne

Jax said...

Hi I'm one of Aaron's friends from high school. I've never met a stronger couple who's relationship I admire as much as my parents. You are both among the most amazing people that I know. My mom has the entire state of Ohio praying for you both. I love you both very much, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. May you both find great strength in each other and God.

Jackie and Tony

Heather said...

Hi, it's Heather. I'm one of Kari's best friends from college. I have many wonderful memories with Kari and Aaron both. Kari's really special to me because she is one of the few friends I have that would be crazy right along with me! :) Also, she has a huge heart for serving God and she just loves people of all kinds... especially kids.
Kari is the kind of person who would always be willing to listen to anyone, even if you repeated yourself 10 times in a row. She always puts others ahead of herself.
The spirit of Christian love and joy that I've seen outpoured for Kari and Aaron is truly the spirit of Christ. In the midst of trying to comprehend this tragedy, I have realized that we cannot comprehend the mind of Christ. Just as Donna said, I know that God has a special plan for Kari and Aaron through all of this.
It is so wonderful that even though some of us are unknown to each other, or miles away, how we share a common hope and faith that transcends all the rest. It truly is a little piece of heaven to be able to share in the abundance of prayers.
I thank God for you, Kari and Aaron. You are loved and held by Christ and His church.
Heather (Wehrle) Velloff