Thursday, July 21, 2005

Update as of Wednesday

Kari is stable and making small steps. The doctors are hoping to take her off of the ventilator within 7-10 days and try to build her strength so that she can breath on her own. She can raise her right arm without assistance and can raise her left arm with a little help. She can also do shoulder shrugs on her own.

Cognitively, Kari is doing very well. She breaks into a big smile whenever she sees new people and every time that she sees Aaron. She is awake for probably 5 minutes every couple hours and has a lot to say. She is communicating by either lip reading (which nobody but Linda seems to be very good at) or using a letter board.

She was awakened by the nurse when she pricked her left finger which is a great sign that she has sensation in that area. The doctors are saying that the swelling of the spinal cord starts to subside three days after surgery which means it should be soon.
Aaron thanks you all for your prayers and continued support.

Rob Ridenour

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