Friday, July 29, 2005

Your direct line to Kari

Through the wonders of modern technology, and perhaps with the assistance of cute little monkeys employed by the Swedish Hospital, you are able to send an email directly to Kari!

How to do this? Simple. Just click here.

You'll need to type in Kari's name and room number as follows:
Kari Morris-Guzman Karen Morris-Guzman (Thanks, Mr. Guzman, for the correction)
Room 3144 New room: 4277 (Thanks Cyndi!)


DesertPastor said...

Kari, Aaron (and Blake!) -- thank you for keeping everyone posted on Kari's progress through the website and here in the blogospere!

I trust that my email got through to Kari.

I was wondering, though, would it be alright to post Kari's pic and the links to the website and blog on my own blog site ( I'd like to invite all the readers there to join my wife and I in praying for Kari and staying up-to-date on her recovery and needs. Thanks!

Kari, although Ingrid and I haven't a clue what it's like to go through what you're going through, the personal tragedies we have endured have filled us with faith that you will get through this challenge.

We love you and continue to pray our hearts out on your behalf.

Anonymous said...

Please note that Kari has been upgraded!!! She has been moved to another room, out of critical care, into Multi-Trauma.

Her new room number is 4277. Please send all email to that room number.

Cyndi Fusek