Saturday, August 13, 2005

Going home for a few days

Hello all--

I will be flying home this evening to move out of our apartment and get things set up at school. Please pray that all the travel is safe and that I will be able to do everything I need to when I'm in CA. My Dad and Linda are going to be here while I'm gone, and Rob and Allison are going to take her to the movie room tonight. Rob and Allison will be here until tomorrow.

Kari is currently on her longest ventilator wean yet. She is supposed to go for four hours and she is already at three and change. I also have been cleared to suction Kari (getting the secretions out of her lungs) which means that pretty soon I'll be able to take her around a little more. Talk to you all later, and for those of you in CA, I'll see you soon.



heather velloff said...

We'll be praying for you!!! I will pray that God gives you strength and rest.
Much Love,

jan barrett said...

You are in our prayers. Get some rest. Love, Mom Barrett

Anonymous said...

hey mr. g! im with tricia right now, we're hanging out. dude, call us when yr at gage getting skool stuff ready cuz we'll wanna see u!!!!
love always,
jerky vail and trasha turton!!!!
ps: trasha says we'll be super mad at u if we dont get a chance to at least see or talk to u while yr in CA!!!!
pps: just kidding, we'll always luv u!!! tehe!