Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hello All--

It was definitely a great feeling to hear Kari speak for about an hour Saturday.  Other than a few previous times that she did cuff deflation, (it has to do with the tracheotomy tube) this was the first time I've heard her speak since the accident.  The other times were also only 2-3 minutes long and her voice didn't really sound normal.  This time, they installed a "Talker," which is what the respiratory people call the valve that they put on the end of Kari's trachea tube.  During the time that she was weaning from the ventilator, they put the one-way valve on which only lets air in, so when she exhales, her breath passes over her vocal chords, allowing her to speak.  (Normally, the air would escape through the trachea before it reached her vocal chords.)  Anyways, it wasn't exactly like her real voice--a little higher pitched and not quite as full--but none of us there were complaining.

Brett Noble and his wife Shary had also driven out for the afternoon from California to pray with Kari.  If you remember, Brett had been given an impartation from an Ethiopian man for Kari's healing.  I think the best way to describe what happened is that we don't know what happened.  There were no outward signs from Kari that a physical healing had taken place, so we are all still waiting in anticipation of what God will do--or the realization of what he did do.  After it was over, Kari said that she "had a lot more faith" and had been reminded of many of God's promises.  Later on in the evening, Brett and Shary gave us gifts that the team had brought back from Ethiopia--a drum, a malachite turtle, pictures, coffee, chocolate (from Germany), Ethiopian money, and some great stories.  A short summary of the trip will be on the Blog shortly.

As far as Kari's health goes, she still has ups and downs with her shoulder and stomach pain, and didn't get out of bed the last few days because of feeling dizzy and nauseous.  She is still very frustrated about not really moving forward for almost the past two weeks.  Reading your emails and letters has helped a great deal though, and some good friends of hers are here now, which is a great encouragement.  Thank you for all that you have done to support us.

P.S.  All the computer problems that I've had the last few weeks-(plus getting an iPod from my friends--you guys are the bestestest homeys ever) has almost turned me in to an Apple convert!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kari & Aaron
I have great faith of your complete healing, there will be good days & bad. Kari your not going crazy but I know the anxiety can make you feel that way!!! So just know your doing every thing right your body is just taking its time to heal, be still & heal!!! Your body heals faster during the down times, it takes patients & grace & is very hard to understand!!!
May PEACE be with you both.
Love you

Anonymous said...

Hi,Kari&Aaron--Glad to hear Kari got to talk--singing is next! I had a home care patient with a trach.We used to sing praise music together, but I never heard her voice.We'll sing together in Heaven.I'm praying for your healing and comfort,and for discouragement to go away!Worship songs are important.God is holy & mighty,& He is in control.God bless&keep you both.--Diane B, Riverside

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari & Aaron,

Wanted to pass on to you that we log on daily to see what's going on with you. Probably everyone that we know has heard about you from us and we have asked them to pray for you. Rod and I drove a group Friday night from a church in Elgin to a retreat in Rockford. On the way I started talking to a couple of the guys on my bus. I asked them to pray for you. On Sunday night when we went back to get them they gave me a cloth they had annointed with oil and prayed over for you. I am sending it on to you. We love you both and pray for you daily.
Rod and Cathy
St. Charles FMC