Thursday, August 18, 2005

Update from Aaron

Hello all--

As you read in my dad's update, Kari has had a bit of a rough time the last few days. She has had a fever fairly consistently since I got back on Tuesday and has simply not been feeling well. Not being able to get out of bed or even sit up straight because of the blood clot doesn't help either. Yesterday, the respiratory therapist changed her trachea tube (which was long overdue for changing) but he didn't call the nurse first to give her pain medication. Usually the procedure is done without any pain meds unless it is the first time the tube is changed, which it was. The whole process was very scary and painful for Kari, although it did go smoothly. After she was given pain killers, she did settle down, and I think the new tube, which is a little different design, is more comfortable overall. In a few minutes, we are scheduled to have her first evaluation meeting, which will include her whole team: doctors, specialists, PT, OT, nurses, psychologists, and administrators. I'll give you any new news that they tell me.

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Anonymous said...

Just read your update after returning from a trip.

I'm so sorry that Kari has had a fever and has not been feeling well the last few days.
Paul and I continue to pray for Kari's continuing progress and successful p.t.--and for strength for both Kari and Aaron.

Sincerely, Colleen Josephson