Saturday, August 06, 2005

Visitor Calendar now available

On the newly redesigned website there is a "Visiting Kari" link. It contains an email address to send me all correspondence regarding visiting Kari. ( When you book your tickets or finalize your plans, email me the dates and times you will be there and I will then post them on the website. You can also use this email if you have any questions about dates, times, or where to stay. This way everyone can see when there are more or less visitors plan accordingly. If there is a BAD time to visit, I'll post it on this page too, but for the most part, any time is as good as any other as long as there aren't too many people here at the same time.(Although that's really not a big deal either except that the more people that are here the less time you'll get to spend with Kari.) If you are planning on just coming by for an hour our so and not staying overnight, I won't post your visit on the site, but still email me to let me know you're coming. Thanks!


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