Saturday, September 03, 2005

A few things....

Hello all--

Kari and I read through some great emails and letters today--thanks for all the encouragement and words of sympathy and wisdom. I think there are some people out there that know about the website, but don't know to check here for updates and news. If people ask you about us, let them know that this is the best place to get news--it really helps us to know that so many of you are following right along with us. (I'll try to keep y'all interested and informed.)

Also, please keep praying extra hard for our friend Melissa and her family who I wrote about in the blog not too long ago. She is back in the hospital and has had some more setbacks and pain. They are hoping to do a somewhat risky surgery, so pray that God protects her body and then restores it.

I'm missing you all--say hi to those that know us when you see them.



Angela Dabney said...

It is so good to hear of Kari's progress. Your in our thoughts and prayers. Thankyou for your updates online.

Angela DAbney (Alex & Garrett's mom)

Alex Dabney said...

Hey Mr. G!!
Its Alex Dabney :) Well I am SO glad that your wife is getting better, and im glad that everyone's prayers are working for you! Let's just say that Riverside is kinda empty without you guys, and i know that Gage misses you too. Though im not there, im at Poly, i still miss you! well hope that more good things happen for you guys. And GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!! I'll be sure to see you when you come back and I can't wait!!!!

Alex D.

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari and Aaron,

Prayers have been going for you all along. I noticed Melissa needed prayer, and will pick that one up, too. I don't know if I am on the right page, but was responding to the good day you had.

Due to circumstances I know you understand, I haven't been active here though the prayers have been with you all. Once I know how this works, it will be easier for me.


Charlie +