Friday, October 14, 2005

Quick Responses

Just some quick responses to questions and comments:
1)  What do the doctors say about Kari's mental condition?  They are concerned, but they don't seem to be terribly alarmed.  It's hard to say that this is "normal," but it seems they've dealt with similar situations many times before.  Her condition seems caused by many things, including sleep deprivation, continual pain, the effects of medicines, etc.  There is a psychologist on the team treating her.  They all seem to think she'll come out of this sooner or later.
2)  Date of release?  This has been put back from Nov. 18th to some time in early December.
3)  "Crazy"?  A strong response to the use of this word.  Let me try to make it clear that no one is making this a "diagnosis" in any way whatever--which is why I put the word and phrase in quotation marks.  The words are Kari's, and to her question, "Do you think I'm going crazy?" which she has asked more than once, the doctors have responded "no" pretty emphatically--which is why I put their "NO's" in capital letters--twice.  If she ever did get moved to the psychiatric floor, that might SEEM like an acknowledgement of "going crazy" (in quotes!), and might feel like this to Kari.  That wouldn't be the case either, though you can see how it might seem that way to her--or to anybody--in her situation.  I'm sorry if I wasn't clear about this.  Take Kari's use of the word as an index of how deeply she fears what's happening to her.  Of all the things that are out of her control right now--including moving her hands and legs, scratching her face, feeding herself, sitting up or lying down, and about a thousand other things--feeling out of control of her mind, feeling like she's "going crazy," might be the deepest fear of all, a fear against which any explanation, medical or otherwise, just feels weak 99% of the time.  We all hope that by the time anyone reads this, she might have gotten through this phase of her rehab journey.  That can't come too quickly for anyone concerned.
--Richard R. Guzman    


Charlie + said...

Dear Richard, Kari + Aaron,

First, Richard, thank you for taking the time so late at night to write to us. I pray you can rest this morning.

We all pray this particular "phase" of Kari's healing is starting to pass. It is all a difficult thing to understand. I have said enough in prior comments.

Doctors could study a decade or more to use words accurately we have seen on the blog. Again, I appreciate your effort to keep us informed with whatever information you can.


Charlie +

Anonymous said...

I would like to echo some of the comments from the previous posting. As contributors to the blog, we should be very careful about our comments. Kari, Aaron, and their friends and family are going through an horrific experience. Aaron and Richard both are very gifted writers who share from their heart. That is why we visit this site so often. Richard, please disregard the comments of a person who is not educated regarding the effects pain can have on a person and the effects that medication can have. Sometimes while determing the right 'cocktail' of medications that is best for the patient, unwanted side effects can ensue. My hope and prayer is that the doctors will determine the amounts that are right for Kari soon. Remember that 99.9% of the readers of this blog are appreciative of your honesty. We are all praying for you daily.

Love/Peace/Strength - I love how Charlie ended his previous post.

God Bless you all

Anonymous said...

Richard your updates have been GIFTS to us~ filled with truth and love. Thank you, for giving of yourself even when your heart is breaking. You have always been in our prayers.
~God Bless You,
JoAnn Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Richard and Aaron for your candid and informative updates on Kari's condition! They are very appreciated. Your details allow me to pray for specifics-- whether for Kari, the family or the medical professionals! May you feel God's presence with you!