Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Update 11/29

Hello All—

Kari had her second set of casts put on her arms Monday and the process seems to be going very well.  The whole thing should be done on Dec. 12th or 19th, which puts our release date on the 20th or 27th, which is more in line with where we were thinking before.  Maybe we’ll be home for Christmas, maybe not—it doesn’t really matter to me, I just want to go home sometime.  We’ve also found some nurses and techs that we like on this side and that has made life more enjoyable.  We still miss our old staff, but many of them have come by to visit, which has been nice.  The nurse today and the tech tonight talked a lot about the different things they need to teach us before we go home.  After being in limbo for so long it’s sort of scary to think that we’ll be going home in 3-4 weeks.  We left California on July 13th, and while I’ve been back for a total of 6 days, Kari has been gone now for 140.   There is so much to do to get ready to come back.  My biggest concerns right now are that we’ll have all our equipment on time, that the apartment management will help us modify the bathroom to put in a roll-in shower, and that we’ll qualify for Medi-Cal and In Home Supportive Services (IHSS).  So far, we’ve been too “rich” to qualify for anything but disability, but I’ve learned a little about the process and am going to re-apply.  I’m not sure what we are going to do about home health care if we don’t get IHSS.  The system is such that I’d be better off making a lot less money.  Anyways, pray for a softening of heart for the manager of our apartment, for quick processing of all our equipment orders, and for favor with the person that reviews our Medi-Cal and IHSS applications.

After being sick for about the last week, Kari had a better day today, but in the evening had a lot of stomach pain and spasms as well as extremely high blood pressure.  At one point it was 203/97.  The doctor wasn’t exactly sure what caused it because it didn’t look like autonomic dysreflexia, so he prescribed some new medicine.  The best news, though, is that Kari got her trache tube removed today!  It looked pretty weird when they took it out because there was just a hole in her neck.  I showed it to Kari in the mirror before they bandaged it up and she thought it looked weird too.  Because she had her trache for so long, it may take up to 3 weeks to totally heal.  Tomorrow she is having her vena cava filter (helps prevent blood clots) removed, and after that the only thing left to go is to take out her g-tube, which goes into her stomach.  I still can’t believe that we’re actually leaving in less than a month.  Part of my brain is telling me that it won’t happen anyways and that something else will come up, but I’m trying to be optimistic.  We are still on for another month this summer, but can’t wait to get back home and get back to work and school.  

P.S.  Gage people be proud—I played our tech a recording of my orchestra and she was floored by how good it was.


Anonymous said...

As you make preparations to go back home, may your butterflies be few, and your excitement remain high. Accept the help you are offered, whether through medical services, church, or school. There will be many who want to give back the love you two have shown over the years. Life is about to make a big change again for you both. Full speed (Godspeed) ahead!

John said...

Aaron & Kari...

Cyndi told me that the trache came out while she was talking to you on the phone yesterday...awesome news! I guess that's what they call progress...slow progress, but progress. We are so excited about you guys heading home! We are talking about heading to California for a visit a soon as you get back...can't wait!

As always...praying every day..and love you guys lots!


alicia said...

Wow, I can't believe all the progress that has been made in the last few weeks. God is so good! I haven't been online as much since our daughter spilled her tea set on our computer and it died. We just got a new one and are back in action now.

Thanks for your continued efforts to keep us up to date! We'll be praying!

Lots of Love,

diane brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron--Thanks for the update. Praise God for all the progress! Continuing to pray daily for all your needs to be met.
---Diane B/

heather velloff said...

This is great news! It looks like you're finally close to the light at the end of the tunnel. (or at least one light at the end of one tunnel!)
We'll keep praying too for your return and the situation with the in-home care. God will answer our prayers.
You both are the best! Love you tons,

Anonymous said...

Aaron if you didn't already know you can and should apply for Social Security Disibility as soon as possible. Kari has to be off work for a year before you can recieve money but starting now with paperwork will speed up the process and give you time to jump through the hoops. After the first year SSI will be retroactive. I am disabled and was able to start this over the phone and the Social Security office was so helpful. Just give them a call, I looked up Englewood Social Security Office, the phone number, 303-762-7200. Hope you find this helpful.

Anonymous said...

Your Attitude is a modern day Book of Job. Keep believing that God is at work in you! Thank you for your living testimony! I Love hearing about our answered prayers.

Alix H. said...

That is so awsome that Kari is doing so well! God is so GOOD!!! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!

P.S. That's great that the tech liked orcastra's music, but you didn't play them any of Adv. Band's music why???

P.P.S.Thanks for all the updates!

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

I guess I have to focus myself on having that trache removed. That does seem like a big piece of comfort, even "freedom" to me. But, at the same time, I don't really know what a "trache" is, other than it has to do with breathing. I just pray the air coming out of Kari's lungs are going through her vocal chords, and you can hear her sweet voice.

I got kind of bogged down with a tape I was trying to make for you. I got it started, then I scrapped it, then family came in town. This past week, on my side, I have to say my doctor and I identified further progress in my condition. Unfortunately, it was because I was sleeping over 12hrs a day. Still, it led to a med cut that we have to watch for a while, but it is looking like I am starting to have more hours in the day.

Oh, as Kathy continues to be busy, you may recall she had been seeing doctors on pain issues. She is still having a fair amount of pain, but nothing like a month or more ago...


Charlie +

jan barrett said...

Aaron and Kari,
Gary and I check your blog regularly and are glad to hear that "thing" are progressing. My little church of 25 members here in the UP remember you in their prayers as well. We await further news of the progress.Love, Mom Barrett and Gary

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi again, Aaron & Kari! Hope all is going well. I check every day for updates, expecting exciting progress. I know even the tiny steps forward are reason to rejoice. Praise God for those tiny steps! How exciting that you can see a return home on the horizon. I know there will be continuing challenges, but how nice to be home among your church family. They've been supporting you in prayer and giving "e-hugs," but how nice to get real live hugs from those dear to you. I hope you're both getting better rest now. I'm always sleep-deprived working 5 nights a week. On vacation this week, and feeling so "normal" for a change. Continuing to pray for your healing, strength, rest, peace and joy!
--Diane B.