Friday, November 11, 2005

Update from California Trip

Hello Again—

If you haven’t read the previous update—I just posted it late last night—read it first.  Anyways, my trip to California was exhausting but good.  For starters, I found an apartment.  It will still need some bathroom modification, but everything else is good.  It’s right off the 215 on Quail Run Rd. in Riverside, about 5 miles from my school.  It’s a great location and is set in a little bowl in some rocky hills.  It’s brand new, so our move in time of late December works well for them.  I also got to see many of my former students at a field tournament on Saturday night.  A bunch of them met me and the high school director at Starbucks afterward and had a good time just goofing around.  Sunday I spent at Church and got to see everybody for the first time in a while.  Please keep praying for our friend Melissa Logan, who I also got to see.  It’ll be nice to come home because I know that Kari and Melissa are dying to see each other.  They have been on this rollercoaster since January and have been a great support to Kari and me.  It’s horrible, but I’m thankful for someone that understands.  

Also on Sunday, my mother called me with the sad news that her dad had passed away.  My grandpa was ready to go to heaven though, and I’m sure the Lord was ready to have him.  He was 93 and had just moved to a nursing home a few weeks ago.  He was not on any medication and just died of old age.  The thing I remember most about him was the story he always told about moving to the desert as a young man.  He said he wanted to “get as far away from God as possible” so he moved to the desert in Southern California.  Shortly afterwards, a Sunday school and church opened up right next to where he had moved.  God continued to pursue him and he eventually became a Free Methodist Pastor (like Kari) When I was little, I used to get tired of the story, but as I got older I began to appreciate it and him for his life of service to God.  I viewed his faith as pure uncomplicated, not because he had not endured a lot of things, but because he eventually just surrendered to the God that pursued him and who he could no longer deny—refreshing in a day and age that tries to make God into so many things other than what he is: God.  I’ll be traveling to Kentucky for his memorial service Thursday through Saturday.  

Monday I went to Gage and got to listen to my band.  I must admit I was nervous to go there after being so far away, but I calmed down and was able to enjoy seeing the kids and fellow teachers and staff.  In the afternoon I wrapped up things with the apartments and went home.  I Can’t wait to go back.


Alix said...

Mr G.,
It was sooooo good to see you that Monday. I can't begin to describe how overjoyed I was to see you!!! I know everyone else felt the same as me. We all pray for Kari and you daily and miss you terribly!!!!! Please come visit us again soon!!! Hopefully, next time, Kari will be well enough to come back!!!
Miss You!
- Alix H.

jan barrett said...

Aaron and kari,
House hunting... good news in the grand scheme of things! I am sure you are looking forward to returning "home" and will have fun settling in.
We were sorry to hear of your loss. THere is never a good time to say goodbye and tere will be a little hole in your hearts. GRadually the hole fills with those wonderful memories and beomes a "safe" to return to when you miss a loved one. I know as my dad died when the girls were still at NOrth. A ginko tree brings his voice to me...with loving memories. (He was a biology teacher!) God's arms now wrap around your grampa.
Winter is gradually sneaking into the UP, never-the-less, Gary is out riding today in 50 degree temps.
Our love is with you both,
Mom Barrett

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron,

I know I have not written in a long time, but I have been keeping up with the blog. Mona and I are praying for you and Kari. I hope rest is more frequent as soon as possible.

Brian Wis

Tricia Folger said...

Hi Mr. G,

It was great to see you again on monday at school, I was so glad that we could see you in somthing other than pictures. We miss you soooooo much here at Gage and I can not begin to explain how happy we were to see you again. We all are praing for Kari to get well soon and are counting down till we see you again. We miss you so much!!!!!!!Hopefully your next visit will be for good and you won't have to return to the hospital but stay here in Cali. As I said before we are all counting the days untill you return. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Tricia Folger

Paul Alf said...

Aaron and Kari,
One of the things that I love to read about in all this is all the people and lives that you two have touched. With nurses, friends like myself throughout the many of years, churches, and students in the classroom. Aaron, you hardly ever see students so excited to see a teacher as bad as they want to see you back. This shows how gifted you are in being a teacher and how special you both are. I love you guys a lot and we are wanting to come to Denver in the middle of December. God is good, and I am blessed to have friends like you guys.