Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

Hello All—

Well, it was a long trip back but we made it okay.  The transfers from Kari’s wheelchair to the aisle chair to the plane seat and back were very hard, but we got them done.  We got to the airport 2 ½ hours early and had just enough time to do everything, and after we landed it took us an hour to get off the plane, get back into the wheelchair and get situated.  Sarah, who was driving our van back, hit some bad weather (and almost a few cars) and wasn’t going to be able to make it to the airport to pick us up as we had planned, and we left in the air without a ride home planned.  Luckily, we got on the phone with some friends of ours and they called a wheelchair minivan to come pick us up.  We had a little trouble locating the van and didn’t actually leave Orange County until almost 6:00.  The traffic wasn’t that bad, but the whole day had been so long that Kari was totally exhausted by the time we got there and threw up just after we pulled up to the house we were staying at.  She was fine, though, and we’ve spent the last few days just lounging around and recovering from the journey.

We are staying with the Logans, friends of ours from church and whose daughter Melissa is the one I have written about on the Blog before.  It has been nice to stay with them—a good transition before home and a family that understands what it is like to go through this type of tragedy.  We haven’t really done much except go to the church to get some stuff and to go and get ice cream and the break from the hospital schedule has been nice.  The last two days, Kari has slept until noon :)  I got a message from our apartment manager yesterday saying that we’d be able to move in on the 6th of January.  Once I know for sure though, I’ll write here to give anybody that wants to help further details.  Anyways, we are going to be at church tomorrow, (the address is the one on the donations page on the website) so I wanted to invite anybody that wanted to come to be there to.  Church starts at 10:30, and people usually get there around 10:00 to have some snacks and talk before church.

We are so happy to be home.  When we were driving around yesterday, Kari said “Man, I love California.”  We just love the atmosphere, the land, the weather, and of course all of our friends here.  It took us a while to get settled, but it truly feels like home here and we feel so great to be back.  We look forward to seeing friends here we haven’t seen in so long and also want to thank the many that came from our old home and elsewhere across the country to come visit us in Colorado.  

Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

Kari and Aaron,

Brookside is the church that I grew up at and I can picture the celebration that will be going on today. I have felt such a draw to be praying for you during this whole process. I grew up at Brookside, my husband is a pastor in the North Central Conference, and he has dealt with a neck injury this past year. There have been many times when I have turned to this website for encouragement. Even though I am in Waterloo, Iowa, today my heart is at my home church. Congratulations on making it home.

April McGee

Anonymous said...

YEE HAW! You're home! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

jan barrett said...

It was so good to get your message that you were "home" in California. We look forward to hearing of a new address as you move into your apartment. What a long journey you have been on. God bless you in your new nest and strengthen you both as you settle in to your life there.
The sun is out for the first time in days up here in the northlands and there was a pileated woodpecker on the tree a few minutes ago, as I was working here on the computer. (What a treat!) Look that one up in your bird book. Please keep in touch as you go about your days, as we all feel like you are part of our family more than ever! We feel that we also know many of your friends who have been writing!
Love, Jan and Gary

heather said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm so happy everything went smoothly on the way home and I can't wait to hear more good news!! It's GOT to be good to be out of the hospital!
God Bless you both!
Love always,
Heather, Tim and Amaaya

Roberta Rodgers said...

Welcome back to California. I am Kari's cousin, Roberta "Lux" Rodgers. Peggy Slosted who has also written from time to time is my sister. Ted Lux was Edna Morris' brother. I think that will help you understand who I am now. I have been following your progress every day and praying for you. I feel God is just moving in his own time, not ours, but you have been such a strong young woman and your wonderful husband, Aaron can only be described as some kind of a saint. We marvel at the things you two have overcome, with God's help.

We fulltime in a motorhome and winter here in San Clemente and travel during the summer. We spent our "raising kids" years in Mission Viejo, CA.

I just wanted to let you know that you have, amongst all of your devoted friends, family here that care about you also. Please call on us at anytime. Hoping to meet you someday soon. God bless you as you make this new adjustment.

Your second cousin,
Roberta "Bertie" (as Jerry calls me) Rodgers.

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

I always thought it was a little "over the top", but I do recall seeing on TV the Pope kissing the ground even when he would visit somewhere. In any case, I can certainly tell by what you have written, it feels good to be where you are. I pray all the other travelers are safe, home, and rested.

I do recall Melissa, and have had her and Britney in prayer all along. People I don't know, nor know their struggles, though God does. I sense being with Melissa and her family to be a good transition.

Angels of Protection Over You All...


Charlie +

Franki said...

Happy New Year to the two of you! I am glad you are back in California to start the new year where you belong!! :) Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

hey, you two! so glad that you are home. My thoughts and prayers have been and will continue to be with you. I count it as an honor to have gotten to know you while at Craig.

May God continue to bless you on your journey. Thanks so much, Kari, for your service on Christmas Eve. An honor to serve with you. I pray we can do it again someday.

Hope and Joy!
Chaplain - Craig Hospital

Alix, Breanna, Michelle, and Charlotte, said...

Mr. G,
We are so happy that you and your wife are in California again! We are so relieved that you guys arrived safely! Please come visit us at Gage sometime, even if you aren't going to be teaching again for a while. You should come during lunch one day! All of the students, including us, miss you so much and can't wait to see you again! You both are in our prayers!
Love always,
Alix, Breanna, Michelle, and Charlotte,

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron! Happy New Year! I'm so glad you made it out of the hospital and home to California. Continuing to pray for you as you settle in and continue your healing/rehab. I'm excited for you as you move into your new home. God bless both of you!
Diane Brodeen