Monday, August 07, 2006

Some Pictures from our recent 2500mi road trip

Rockaway Beach, Pacifica, CA

Rockaway Beach

Eureka, CA

I cut my hair

So did Kari


Blake Engel said...

Road trip, jahmon! Looks like tons of fun.

Alix H. said...

Mr. G,
I am glad that you and Kari are having a great summer! I love looking at the pictures and i hope you post more! I can't believe you cut your hair. When you first came back to Gage this past year, there was a group of kids who wanted to sign a petition to ask you to cut your hair. I thought it was kind of funny, but i liked it both long and short. I hope the rest of your summer is wonderful and i am excited to see you at Poly when you are teaching orchestra!

heather said...

I like the shorter hair! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hi. . .Kari & Aaron,

GREAT PICTURES! I've always heard the Oregon Coast is the most beautiful around. Lived pretty close to it when we lived in WA State but never got to go stay there. Went through OR many, many times on our way to CA. Now we're in TX many miles away.

Your trip sounds wonderful and fun. I hope the trip to Craig went well and that your progress is good.

It was so nice to meet you this past June, Kari. Sorry we missed Aaron, but maybe another time.

Take care and may God continue to lift you up and give you His strength daily.

Love you,
Peggy & Norm (Your dad's cousin)