Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Summer 2007 Pictures

Here are some pictures from our trip. They are very out of order chronologically- sorry about that!

Our final stop was Las Vegas to visit Amy!

We stopped in Central City, NE to see my grandparents. They are 98 years old! In this picture my grandpa is in the back-my mom next to him-and my dad and I are in the front.

This is Aaron, me, and my grandma

When we left Central City we drove through a thunderstorm and saw this amazing rainbow! It was a double rainbow and stretched across the entire sky.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah
This was a great Riverwalk hike- It was 106 degrees!

Cubs/Brewers game at Wrigley- We had awesome seats right behind home plate- thanks to my wheelchair! It was so fun. The Cubs won after Soriano hit a walk-off home to bring them back to .500. It was very exciting!

Happy 4th of July!

Cyndi and John and Joshua came from Oregon to Omaha to visit while we were there. This is Joshua in his Cubs jersey!

Monkeys at the Omaha zoo!


Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron! Thanks for posting the photos. It was great to see your smiling faces. Glad you got to see family, friends, and some of God's awesome handiwork. I know your visit meant a lot to Amy--it was great to see the two of you together. Hope Aaron's start of the school year goes smoothly.
Love, Diane Brodeen

Anonymous said...

hi Kari!
Thanks for posting the beautiful pics!! I loved them! The one of you and your grandma - -the pics in the background totally remind me of your college dorm room. :)
Your parents are looking pretty good too! And little Joshua - wow I can see Cyndi in him. He looks so intelligent from his picture and full of personality.
I pray for you and Aaron every day.
I love you TONS!!!
Talk to you soon!

Keesha Holland said...

Hi Kari,

You are so beautiful! Seeing you side by side with Amy touched my heart and put a smile on my face. I am so glad that Amy has a mentor and a role model in her life such as you. You are a true inspiration to Amy and of course, many others I'm sure. Amy thinks very highly of you and always says the most kind, pleasant things. I love to see all the support you offer her on your web site and hers as well. You and Diane (from Riverside) are a sure blessing to be in Amy's life. She can't wait to be able to get back to CA to not only see her family closer to her, but to be able to finally meet Diane in person and get to see you more often!
I stumbled upon your site one day when I goggled Amy's name to see if there was anything other than she site available with information. Your an amazing person! Amy is going to be the luckiest girl for having all these special people like you and Diane in her life. I'm going to miss my constant interaction with her. Amy has truly taught me many life lessons and meeting her under these circumstances gave us a chance to open a friendship that was not really there when we went to school together 13 years ago. It has been a major highlight in my life to be apart of Amy's life. These last 6 months have been wonderful and fulfilling at the same time. She truly makes me proud to know her and is a constant reminder of strength, determination, faith, hope, love and unconditional friendship. Amy has become part of our family. We visit her together, pray for her as a family, talk about her, think about her and look forward to the day when she arrives in Ontario with the showering of love from all her friends and family! The moment is bittersweet for me though, Amy leaving will be a hard pill to swallow for me. There is no place I would rather be than visiting her, and I will dearly miss her. On the other hand, I know how much she needs this transition back to CA. She must be near her family and she misses her Mom and Ashley SO very much. Its heartbreaking to imagine not being with your daughter. Being so far apart must be a crushing feeling and I know Amy hurts without Ashley near. Thank you for always giving her that hope she needs. Your a fantastic person to be in Amy's life.....

Keesha Holland

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron! How is school going so far, Aaron? Kari, I just saw on Amy's guest book that you have a few hours alone til Aaron gets home. 2-4 pm is my awake time. I sleep in the am after night shift, do chores and errands in the afternoon, and then nap again before night shift. If you'd like a visit some afternoon, just email me and I'll send you my phone #. I'm near Riverside Plaza. Love, Diane Brodeen dbrodeen@mac.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. We love you. -The Hall's

Wobbly Librarian said...

Hi Kari
Looks like you had a wonderful blunderful vacation. Glad to hear that things went well on your trip. Interesting road we are on, this life on earth, huh?
See you soon, maybe?