Thursday, April 03, 2008

One more inch...

I remember Richard (Aaron's dad) writing on this blog just a few days/weeks after my injury and asking people to pray for just one more inch of movement and function to return to my spinal cord. My injury is at a C-5 level. This gives me the ability to move my shoulders, biceps, and a little forearm. Since I've returned home in the last two years, I am definitely much stronger. And just a few days ago I was able to begin physical and occupational therapy on a regular basis thanks to Medicare. In the evaluation process we discovered that I have a very strong wrist extension. This means that I can lift my wrist at almost full strength. This is a very solid C-6 level of function...just one more inch below C-5. I am going to declare this an answer to prayer.
The PT and OT were impressed with my strength and are looking forward to teaching me more function. I missed out on a lot of therapy at Craig because of my extreme pain, numerous infections, and 40 days of whatever that was. I was basically sent home with a bag full of splints and adaptive equipment with very little knowledge or training in how to use them. So I'm looking forward to finally learning how to feed myself, brush my teeth, comb my hair, drive my chair with a hand drive, etc.
For the last two years I have struggled with a lot of guilt in not learning how to do these things. And every time someone asked me about physical therapy, the guilt just piled on. Most people don't understand that I don't exist just to deal with my paralysis now. I still am trying to live a fairly normal life and contribute to society and don't want to spend hours a day in physical therapy. Not to mention all the hours it takes to just get up and then go to bed every day; finding transportation; and constantly staying on top of doctor's referrals and insurance issues so this can actually be paid for. Maybe in my next posting I will write about what a typical day looks like for me.
Anyway, I don't know if all that makes sense or not. I just wanted to let whoever is still reading about us know that I have "one more inch." And for that I am thanking God.


Anonymous said...

Praise God.... It is so exicting to read your story and to see how alive God is and what He is capable of..
Thanks for keeping up your blog :-) Love it....
Have a Jesus Blessed Week....
Karen ( a follower of Amy also :-)wrffusn

Anonymous said...

This is TRULY awesome and God is AWESOME in healing your body more. I am SOOOOOOO ecstatic to hear this great news!!!! I love you so much and I can't wait to hear about the new things you will be able to do pretty soon.
I still pray for you and Aaron all the time and you are often in my thoughts.
Love you,

prettigirlpoet said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie, I miss you so much, sorry this note is a little late, but I was thinking of you on the day!

prettigirlpoet said...

Hi Kari!
I just realized you wouldn't know who prettigirlpoet is, it is my google sign in for my blogspot.

Its Susan Trestrail (formerly colby)
I miss you so much!

Love you too Aaron, hope to see you guys soon.

Jana said...

That's amazing. We truely do have a miraculous God. I met you at my church, Marina Christian Fellowship and have been following your blog and progress since our pastor told us about you when you first had your accident. Like I said, God is a powerful and wonderful God. We certainly Praise Him. Someday I'll share my son's preemie story with you if you'd like. God bless you!

Nathaniel said...

Praise God! One more inch is awesome!!! It is great to hear your "voice" in your posts. I'm glad that you share the frustrations and the praises. Things still good with your caretaker? Love you bunches and bunches!


Anonymous said...

I am thanking GOd for it too!
Love You,

Ferris Family said...

Kari, what an awesome answer to prayer! We will continue to pray for strength (physical, emotional, and spiritual). The older 2 boys pray for you too!!!
The Ferris Family

Anonymous said...

Thats so cool Kari I'm so proud of you. How awsome Blessings be to God
I love you

Anonymous said...

Kari and Aaron
Your "Inch" is the talk of the St. Charles Free Methodist Church. It is so encouraging to know our prayers are being answered (maybe not as fast as some of us would like). We are reminded once again that things don't happen in our time frame, but in God's.
Keep us informed so we know exactly what to pray for.
love you,
Jan Yessa

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news. No holding you back is there. I too am so glad that you are continuing to keep us posted. Would love to talk some time.

Michelle Yager

Anonymous said...


There are many of us out here who still read! I always want to here how you are gaining strength, but mostly I read because you are a friend and I want to know how you are doing. Please continue to stay in touch through your blog with those of us who are far away!

Take care . . . .

Anonymous said...

Kari, I'm really happy to read such wonderful progress. You and Aaron are an amazing couple, and I often hear from family what you're doing. I've followed your blog from the beginning and have seen how God has been so faithful. Good luck on the therapy.

Your Dad's cousin in Idaho

Richard R. Guzman said...

I have been trying to think of words, but they fail me. I am full of thanks and praise, yet I am not surprised. A couple of days after the accident, God gave me a vision of Kari's healing so quiet and precise that I've always taken it as a promise, even though I have questioned it a lot over these past months--like maybe it's just wishful thinking. It's just stayed with me, and there's no anxiety about it whatever. I don't think, What if it doesn't happen, or What if the time-frame isn't met. I don't take anything for granted, either, or demand that God do anything--not even "keep his promise." This news is another assurance. It also reminds me that lately, though Kari and Aaron are always on my mind, I have forgotten to pray inch by inch, which is what I told God I would do after he gave me His vision. I don't think Kari's healing depends on us praying, because God is faithful even when we are not. It's just something good to do--more like we're telling Him we love him, rather than demanding He do something. I hope this makes some sense. It's the best I can do with words right now, or maybe ever when it comes to my two remarkable children. --Richard R. Guzman

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!! Thanks for sharing your news (and life!)
Abbey Gropp