Sunday, April 27, 2008

Things I miss...

Hello peeps...

I have just felt like writing lately. I've felt compelled to write about some of the more intimate things of my daily life. And again, I don't write these b/c I'm looking for pity or sympathy. I just write b/c this is my blog and I can do whatever I want. :) And b/c it's healing for me to do so.

So I am thinking about the things I miss:

holding hands
holding babies
brushing my hair
braiding my hair
rubbing my eyes
sleeping on my stomach
my old clothes
pants that fit
my old shoes
feeling comfortable socks on my feet
a cup of warm coffee in my hands
drinking without a straw
crossing my legs
sitting/laying on the couch
holding a book
my handwriting
burying my face in clean laundry
folding clothes
planting flowers
feeling sand on my feet at the beach
curling up into a ball
climbing rocks at Joshua Tree
petting my cats
driving alone
wearing dresses
being comfortable
laying my hands on people to pray for them
typing with my fingers
feeling pretty
being warm
opening doors

Those are just a few. There are a few things I don't miss. That's another list for another day.



Emily Holverson said...

Kari Morris-Guzman, I love you so very much. I just want you to know that. Thank you for sharing and for loving so many people and for loving me. Thank you for being open and honest and for being you. Next time we make it out to Cali, I'll do laundry and bring it fresh out of the dryer for you to bury your face in if you want. :) I love you think you are so very very beautiful -- inside and out.

Anonymous said...

My dear Kari,
First of all I am counting the days to see you...I can hardly wait. Second, I love you so much. Thank-you for sharing all of you. You are an incredible gift to me.

mary said...

Kari, I just met you at Kilarney's and spoke to you about my friend Judy, etc...I have alot of resources for you! If you need some extra stretching during the week I have a friend who works with Judy that could help. Also, would love for you and Judy to meet. Call me anytime! Loved meeting you and your hubby! Mary

Cerise said...

I'm going to print this list out and find some way to deliberately enjoy these things in your name, beloved. Thank you so very much for writing it down.