Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ron Santo pulling for Kari

     All in all this was a good day for Kari.  Her fever was down most of the time, and perhaps they have even found another way to attack it.  Her roomate Brittany had a lot of trouble with fever.  She was given some medication to keep calcification down in the joints, and there's some thought that Kari might be experiencing pain and fever because of that too.  When they gave Brittany the medication, her fevers went away.  X-Rays revealed that there's no serious damage to Kari's shoulder, so excess calcification might be the culprit.  Things are better enough that the plan is to get Kari back on schedule tomorrow, which may be a relief after having to stay in bed, and not even being able to have the head of the bed raised up much for about three days now.  She did a one-hour wean today as a kind of preparation.
     Reading blog comments is always interesting.  One nurse tried to explain why there might have been delays the other night, and that causes me to want to say that on the whole the care at Craig has been very fine.  Kari has grown fond of many of the nurses, techs, and respiratory therapists, and the doctors have been excellent.  It's a very, very good team.  One of her techs was paralyzed for half a year herself, and even blind for a couple of those months, so she has a special sympathy for the patients she takes care of.  "I just love Kari," she said to me several times, and you could tell she meant it.  A couple of comments on the blog seem to be from people who really do like it, but also want to plug their own businesses.  It's hard to control cyberspace, so we grin and bear it.
     But something to really smile about happened at the Cubs game today--and, of course, it wasn't the Cubs' play.  Rick and Aaron ran into Ron Santo, the legendary Cub third baseman.  Aaron told Santo all about Kari and gave him the website URL.  Pretty much a life-long diabetic who's had both legs amputated, Santo can sympathize in a special way too.  He said he'd be pulling for Kari and gave her a hat signed "Get well soon, Kari -- Ron Santo."  On the website, look for pictures of the meeting, and Kari in her Santo hat soon.  And pray with special focus on the coming week, asking that Kari can get back on track.
--Richard R. Guzman 


Anonymous said...

The last thing I do each evening before going to bed is check once more for an update on Kari's day....or the first thing each morning if nothing was posted the night before. Gives me more specific focus of prayer for you, Kari, in your times of need and your times of rejoicing. Thanks, so much, Mr. Guzman, for your faithful postings. Thanks for yours, Aaron, when you have the time and energy to add your thoughts. These are so helpful. Jan Hirschy

heather velloff said...

I never thought I'd say this, but GOD BLESS THE CUBS! :)
Love you lots, Kari!
Hope you are having a good day today!

John Fusek said...

...and God Bless Ron Santo! He has always been such an inspiration to so many for so many years...,one of these days the everyone will agree and he'll be a Hall of Famer.

That is so cool! Aaron, you must have been drooling!
Cubbies RULE! So does Santo!

I'm suddenly having "nightmarish flashbacks" of our trip to Wrigley a few years back....Chris, Meg, Aaron, Kari, Cyndi and I....I remember Aaron hanging from the rafters of Wrigley...(seriously)... then we missed our train back to Geneva...had to hang out at Union Station (with some really weird people) in the wee-hours of the morning...oh what a night that was!

Kari...can't wait to see you with the Cubs hat!

Love ya!


Kathy Timmers said...

I must say my favorite picture so far from Craig is the one of Kari sticking out her tongue at the camera, but I too am truly looking forward to seeing one with the Cubs hat on! Keep being sassy, Kari!
Much love,

yvonne w said...

I did enjoy the tongue picture (such spunk!) .... and I am looking forwad to them a cubs hat photo
although my son, a red sox fan, and my husband... an angels fan will not appreciate it!

Union station in the wee hours is a place ready for adventure..... but better than the subway stations of New York, I think.

Diane B. said...

Hi,Kari & Aaron! I'm a Christian sister of yours in Riverside, an NICU nurse. I've been praying for you every day since the article in the P-E. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and meet your every need. He will never leave you or forsake you! In His love,
Diane B.

Rick Guzman said...

Just sent the picture of Kari w/ her new hat along w/ some photos from the Cubs game to John so hopefully they'll be available for viewing soon. Unfortunately, the lighting was weird and/or I was moving too much so the pictures of Aaron w/ Ron Santo didn't turn out that well... but the important picture of Kari w/ her hat is much clearer : )

The autograph and "Get well soon!" message are on the underside of the bill so you can't see them.

It's so strange to be home--back in our house. It almost feels like we don't belong back here--at least not yet. I told Kari & Aaron in a letter I just sent that "home" and "belonging" are synonomous in many ways... and so in that sense it almost doesn't feel like home here.

Before we left, my wife Desiree said to Kari that we didn't want to leave. Kari said "Everyone always says that--I don't know why... I always want to go home." She was teasing of course, but nonetheless it seems strange to say that being at the hospital felt like being home. Perhaps that would sound especially strange to Kari who longs for home and dreams of being back in California. But for me, despite all the things we'd never seen before, nothing felt foreign at the hospital and so in that sense, the longing that I have now is of the same kind that Kari has: a longing to be where you feel like you belong--a longing for home.