Thursday, August 25, 2005

Update from Aaron

Hello All--

The first meeting of the school year at Gage is today, so I am really missing home. The Ethiopia team is back safely and from what they've told me they had an amazing time with God over there. Brett and Shary Noble are coming from Cali to pray for Kari on Saturday as they were called to do in Ethiopia. Pray that the Lord would grant them favor.

Overall, the last 7 days have been very hard on Kari. She is battling almost constant pain in her shoulders, and when her medications wear off, the pain is so intense that she will start shaking. The last few days, too, Kari has had an upset stomach, and the fever has never really gone away. At last check it was 101.4. It is hard to get in a rhythm and really progress while constantly battling pain, fatigue and nausea. Kari hasn't done a ventilator wean in about 5 days now, and we hope to resume that today. It will be so much easier to do things without having to lug the vent everywhere. The bone scan an shoulder x-ray did not show anything, which is good, but the doctors aren't really sure what is causing the pain. The doctors believe the blood clot has stabilized and will probably not move, so there is not much else they do for it other than try to be careful with her leg. She was up in the chair yesterday and today and yesterday we got to go outside which was great. Anyways, it seems like we have been moving backwards this week, which I know is bound to happen, so pray that we are able to get back on track with PT and OT and that Kari's schedule becomes more consistent. Thank you all for everything-



Anonymous said...

Dear Aaron and Kari,
I am the mother of one of Kari's High School friends, Mary Kay McManigal. It sounds as if this week has been frustrating. We had a similar experience, when my husband had total knee surgery, and developed a blood clot in his leg which went to his lung. He had to be moved to another care area in the hospital and his progress from surgery was slowed up for a week. He did get back on track though, and I am sure Kari will soon see progress again.
You are both in our prayers and the prayers of the members of our church. I wonder if Kari remembers, she and another friend Michelle sang a special there, when they were in high school. God Bless you both!
In His Love Ellie McManigal

Anonymous said...

Hi,Kari & Aaron! Sorry to hear about your difficult week. I see the same thing in my work w/premies in NICU:2 steps forward & 1 step back. You had your step back this week, so get ready for the 2 steps forward! God is in control & His timing is perfect. Praying for relief from your pain & fever. May God meet all your needs, and more! God bless you and keep you both.Hope your roommate is feeling better too.--Diane B., Riverside

Jan Yessa said...

Hi Kari & Aaron
It is heartbreaking for us all when you have a bad week. Sometimes I think that is God reminding us that he is in charge - not us. So give it all to Him, let him carry your load for a couple days.
Keep smiling. We love you,
Jan Yessa

Anonymous said...

dear Kari and Aaron
My dad's pastor read your news article to their congregation so that they would know who you are and what to pray for. They will now be holding you up in prayer along with many other peop;e. Julie and I pray for you daily.
This has been a bad week but it should start getting better soon. Hope you will be feeling better real soon and able to return to Brookside. We all love and miss you. Linda and Julie

Katie (Bost) Heuer said...

Hi Kari and Aaron,
Hope the end of this week finds you taking small steps forward. I always tell my patients that everyone has difficult days and encourage them to remember there will be many more good days to come....I know you will have those good days, too!
Keeping you both in my prayers! Keep smiling, too!!

Katie (Bost) Heuer

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari & Aaron,
My name is Sarah (Mosley) Metzger and a fellow classmate of Kari's from Greenville College. I have been keeping track of your progress and really appreciate the website updates. Since graduating from GC in 1996, I got married and we have lived in Normal, IL. The small town I work in is called Gridley and I work at their telephone company. There is a young man from Gridley who graduated from high school in May and was injured while on a skiing trip with family in Colorado. His name is Justin Wiegand. He is also recovering at Craig. I had heard about his situation but was surprised to read he too was at Craig after seeing an article in the Gridley paper. I trust God only plans for good to come from this situation and believe he will prove faithful. God Bless.

Sarah Metzger

jan barrett said...

Dear Aaron and Kari,
I was sorry to hear that you were having a bad week. Your are in our prayers for patience and courage. I think of you as I am swimming in the lake, now at about 69 degrees, doing my water aerobics for my back and legs. I am imagining you visiting some day and using a float, as I do, to relax and work out in the water; then coming in to sit in the hot tub to warm up! You are invitied to come UP here someday when you are able. As I used to tell myself when I was having a terrible day at my teaching job...most weren't, but of course there were some...take 1 half hour at a time. I can remember walking down the hall about 6:00 dragging and singing to myself, "Put one foot in front of the other...and so" on until I got to my car. Continue to allow yourself to express and feel all those emotions, and don't try to deny your negative feelings as you also celebrate the good days with cheers. They are all a part of life. We don't expect you to be sunny all the time! We certainly aren't!!!
You are wrapped in the love of many.
Prayers for comfort and good days ahead,
Mom, Jan, Barrett

alicia said...

Hi guys,

You don't know me, but I'm friends with Heather & Dave Wiggins. They requested prayer for you guys and I am praying for you Kari.

Aaron, if you can play mp3s from the internet connection, Ravi Zaccharius has a bunch of great radio sermonettes on his web-site that she might enjoy listening to during days of being in bed. I download them to my ipod and listen. Anyways, they're at under the archives for "just thinking" & "let my people think".

I pray God's intimacy upholds you during this difficult time.

Naperville, IL