Friday, August 12, 2005

Update from Aaron

Hello all--

Kari's fever is basically gone, only coming back for an hour or so now and then. She is still very tired, and PT and OT both wear her out when the do her therapy. She got up in a power chair yesterday for a few hours, which made her pretty nervous, but she settled down shortly and enjoyed it. The chair still needs a few adjustments for Kari to be able to drive it on her own, but she reports that it is much more comfortable than the manual chair.

Apparently, Kari's right shoulder was slightly dislocated in the crash and moving around the last few days has given her a fair amount of pain. PT and Shona worked on it yesterday and it seemed to help a lot. Kari ventilator weaning program is going great. She was off the vent for 30 minutes two separate times yesterday and she is supposed to wean for an hour straight today. Pray for strength for her. We both miss home a great deal, but there is still so much work to be done here--Thank you for your prayers.



heather velloff said...

Thank you, Aaron, for this update and the great news! That is so great that Kari is breathing for so long on her own now and she will be off the ventilator before too long. I'm so excited that she also was able to sit in the electronic wheelchair. These are small steps that are not small at all! :) Each day of small tasks is like a climb to the top of the mountain. Every step is meaningful and we, your friends and family, are by your side (along w/ God, of course!) to give you all the love and support we can.
We love you!!!
Heather and Tim

Anonymous said...

Kari felt pain in her shoulder? Does that mean she has feeling there?