Friday, August 12, 2005

It's almost like a new car!

Kari had some very exciting events today. She continues to increase her time off the ventilator. She weaned three times today for an hour each time. When she is breathing on her own, she is starting to feel more relaxed. The doctors are hoping to have Kari off the ventilator within two weeks! During PT, Kari finished her fitting for her chair and was able to take a little spin on her own around the third floor. She was REALLY tired when she was done as she is basically relearning to use her arm muscles. Please pray that God restores Kari's strength and calms her frustration as she goes through this process.

Kari continues to feel a lot of pain in her right shoulder. This makes it difficult for her to gain strength during her physical therapy and sometimes even causes her discomfort when she is in bed. Please pray that God will heal this area so Kari's physical progress is not impeded. While there are many good things happening, all of these changes are new to Kari. She sometimes feels anxiety about these new activities (such as driving the chair!). Pray that her spirit and energy level will remain high as she faces her daily challenges.

Thank you all for the emails, cards, cd's, posts, and phone calls. Every day brings new ups and downs for Kari and Aaron and they are both uplifted whenever they receive support from their family and friends.



pam and ron engel said...

Thanks to you Rob and Allison for spending time with Aaron and Kari. Rob's crazy sense of humor along with Allison's beautiful smile will surely brighten Kari's day. (I've never really thought of Rob as being an angel but it does seem like he's sprouting wings!)

kathy timmers said...

Hi there-
Although I don't know you, Rob and Allison- nor Pam and Ron- I can assure you you have been angels all along-
"Engel" means angel in German :-)
Friede (Peace),
Kathy Timmers
(from St. Charles Free Methodist)