Saturday, October 22, 2005

Slow Going

     As we heard of Hurricane Wilma moving so slowly, almost stalling, over the Yucatan Peninsula, I thought of our situation in Denver with Kari and how things there seem to be dangerous and stalled in their own way.  Talking with Aaron, and with Linda who is there again, it seems that things have remained pretty much the same as when Aaron updated last Tuesday.  Last night was, again, a night of relatively little sleep.  Though Kari's basic physical condition holds steady, the accumulating effects of the medicines, unstable sleeping patterns, pain, worries and anxieties, and building frustrations are taking their toll.  As I replied to one question a few days ago, though this type of "stalling" is not unheard of in these cases, it's hard to say it's "normal."  
     Worries and fears and anxieties seem to multiply and multiply and hound Kari every minute.  This morning when Aaron took down some pictures, she began to worry about the blue stick-tack dots that had held them up and were still on the ceiling.  So it's not just worries about being paralyzed, but about everything--miniscule or mammoth, and all of it in between.  A huge mountain is being created, and while I believe they'll get over it some day, the climb seems to get longer by the hour.  As I asked some days ago, please pray for peace for Kari so her mind can rest.  When I think of the basic themes in the Bible, I think about how much there is about materialism and the plight of the poor, but these days what seems most highlighted are all the verses about worries and fears and being anxious.  "Fear not, I am with you," "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...."  Let's pray together that these thoughts too will echo in Kari's mind.  It's so hard for most of us not to fear, and I write this at one of the greatest levels of fear we have ever had.
     Last night and early this morning was my time to coordinate the food program at a homeless shelter in Joliet, and one of the helpers was our good friend Ron Cothrine.  He also broke his neck very high up and at 23 was paralyzed and spent eleven months in a body cast.  "There'll be worst times even than this," he said.  He also was not surprised at anything Kari is going though right now.  "It's the meds and everything big and small--and just think of lying in the hospital 24/7 with nothing to do but worry. They should start some heavy psychiatric care soon."  Then just minutes after I got home last night I heard from Aaron that they are indeed bringing a psychiatrist on to the case, and there is to be a psychiatric evaluation Monday.  We'll keep you posted.  Thank you for remembering us.
--Richard R. Guzman       


susan colby said...

I read the 23rd psalm to Kari when I was at her bedside earlier this week. It did seem to calm her. We also sang together, I love you lord, also things that calmed her. I agree, lets all pray together, and read Psalm 23, and pray for peace. Susan

Anonymous said...

Susan, I like your suggestion about reading Psalm 23. I have been praying that psalm for Kari (Aaron too).

"Lord, be Kari's shepherd. May she lack nothing that she needs.
Make her lie down in green pastures. Lead her beside peaceful waters, and restore her soul.

Continue to guide her in paths of righteousness, for your name's sake. Even as she walks through the falley of the shadow of death, may she fear no evil. Comfort her with your rod and your staff.

Prepare a table before her in the presence of the enemies of fear and pain. Annoint her head with oil, and hasten the time when her cup overflows with joy.

Surely goodness and love will follow her all the days of her life, and she will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."

Praying this calms me, especially if I pray it as I'm going to sleep at night. Thank you all for praying.

Alice Guzman

jan barrett said...

The mother in me read you version of the 23rd Psalm with renewed understanding of its power. Aaron and Kari are so fortunate to have the strength of their family around them.
We are thinking of you all, and our prayers extend to you parents as you live through this with your children.
Love, Jan