Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Update 10/18

Hello All—

Kari has had two bad, sleepless nights in a row, and tonight is shaping up to be no different.  At this point, things are almost as bad as they were on 10/6, which was the worst night we’ve ever had.  Her spasms are incredibly strong again and have been going on since 4:00 pm (its now almost midnight), save the one hour she was asleep.  They didn’t start off that bad, but now her whole body shakes and trembles.  She also started to shake her head back and forth so violently that I put her collar back on to protect her neck.  When she’s having the spasms, not much she says makes any sense, and most of it is just a mix of syllables again, not real words.  She’s not totally out of it though, as I’m pretty sure she knows who I am because I’ve learned a lot more about how she is when she’s like this.  Still though, it’s very hard to get her to breathe or try to calm down before she just gives up for a minute or so.  Hopefully this episode won’t be all night.  I feel sorry for her when she’s like this—it’s not who she is.  The doctors came in today to see her and said they might go back up on her risperdal because while she’s more aware and alert now, she’s still having a lot of delusional thoughts.  We have our third full-team meeting on Thursday, so we’ll see what the plan of attack is then.  I know we’ve had our release date pushed back into December, but it definitely could go back farther depending on how long this goes on.  Hey, maybe we Southlanders will get a white Christmas after all—well, hope not.



Anonymous said...

Aaron and Kari,
Just wanted to let you guys know that we are continualy praying for you! Aaron you have been so strong but I hope you have been taking some time off so you can get some rest and from all the stuff I have read on here it does not seem like you have gotten much rest at all. I hope Kari's muscle spasms start subsiding soon I hate reading that she is in so much pain. I can only imagine what it feels like to be there first hand. Just remember we love you guys and will keep praying for you -Love Julie and Linda from Brookside

jan barrett said...

Dear Aaron and Kari,
We are still here thinking and praying for you. Distance keeps us from a hug, but consider this an e-hug...like we sent Larkin when she was in Japan.
Love, Mom Barrett

Cyndi Fusek said...

Hey Aaron-
You know I love you and my Kari. We're praying for you guys non-stop. Thanks for being the best thing in the world for her.

Not to sound like I know more than I do- but is there a chance that her spasms could be triggered by PTSD?

Love you guys!

susan colby said...

Wow Aaron,
I am so sorry, and for one I know how bad it feels to see Kari go through this after the two nights I spent with her. No one should have to suffer like that. I hated to leave and I am already checking flights to come back. I already miss her. I love you both, tell her I miss her, Susan

Chloe Sharp said...

dear aaron and kari,
i am a clarinet student and central middle school (mrs.hendrickson's student)i wanted to tell you how much i simpathize for you both. Our RUSD Band "family" has been trying so hard to help you both. I and many others all around riverside are wearing the "we love you kari.org" braclets. we all care and hope your kari only grows stronger and stronger. I will pray for you both every night, as many others will.
Love and best wishes,
Chloe Sharp & Central band.

Anonymous said...

hey aaron,
I so appreciate your honesty and the way you communicate with us through the blogs. I can't even begin to comprehend how difficult this must be for you, but I SO admire your strength and love for Kari. Take care of yourself too... she's gonna need you for years to come, so you MUST take care of yourself in these early stages.


jan barrett said...

Hope you have a better night.
Love, Mom Barrett

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Aaron & Kari--Just wanted you to know you continue to be in my prayers daily. Keep your eyes on Jesus. He will never leave your side, whatever you're going through, or however far away you feel. He loves you more than anyone else can. You can bring Him all your doubts, frustration, anger, and He will just listen and still love you. He won't turn His back on you, no matter what discouraged words you bring to Him. May God bless you with comfort, peace, and rest. --Diane B. in Riverside

Anonymous said...

Just reading this on Saturday. Hope the team meeting went well on Thursday. Continued prayers for rest & comfort for both of you.