Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bad comments...


The blog will be down for a little while, or until I find out who made the absolutely idiotic comments that I replied to on the last entry.  I’m sorry to all of you that are faithful readers, but comments like those don’t exactly encourage me to write anymore.  I read the comments to Kari and she was shocked that anybody would be so arrogant to shamelessly write those comments.  Please use the comment section under this blog to identify yourself so that I may speak with you directly.

Aaron and Kari


Alix H. said...

Dear Mr. G,
I was gunna post this comment under your last blog: A little more info, but it wouldn't let me because i don't have a blogger's account. So here it is:
I am so sorry for all of the terrible things that you and Kari are having to go through! I will pray for patience for the both of you and that the terrible staff members will show more understanding and kindness to the both of you! Just try to get through those last days at the hospital and you guys will be free and at home! Aren't you just too excited! Do your best to focus on the good staff. Remember all the things that God has helped you with so far and know that God has a lot more planned than just staying at this hospital. Everyone at Gage talks about you every day and can't wait for you to be home and back here teaching. WE MISS YOU!!!!!
Love always,

The Friendly GLL said...

Dittos to the thoughts of the eloquent Alix. (I think she is an 8th grade gator who likes to read.)

Anne Hendrickson said...

Aaron and Kari--it's hard for us to hear your frustration and be powerless to help. You go ahead and vent. People need to know that you are not insulated from negative feelings just because you are loved and supported. What you are going through is terrible, and there's no getting around it.

However, I hope you will keep us informed via the blog--everyone's heart is aching and it helps when we can hear what's going on, even if it is bad. Try to ignore (if you can) the insensitive and ignorant posters. I know it's difficult, but for every idiotic post they create you've got hundreds of people who care about you deeply and are behind you 100%.

Go ahead and keep venting. You need to do it, we can handle hearing it, and the insensitive folks visiting this space need to know what it's really like to be in your shoes, whether they like it or not.

Lots of love--Anne

Anonymous said...

Aaron and Kari,
We have been through extended hospitalization and rehab center with our daughter - not to the extent that you and Kari have/are experiencing. Even with our more limited duration and injury, we had such feelings of strong frustration at times. It is ok to have those feelings. It is ok to vent.

No one, NO ONE, can come close to imagining what you both have to face daily and in the future! No one, NO ONE! has the right to bring any judgement or "holier than thou" dialogue. Those who would stoop so low and feel so "righteous" as to make such statements are to be pittied, indeed. Cliches, platitudes, off-handed statements - and particularly criticisms - don't cut the mustard in this intense life situation!

Please know - KNOW IN YOUR MIND, YOUR SOUL, AND YOUR SPIRIT - that the overwhelming majority of us are standing with you in prayer, trying to walk a piece of this journey with you in our most inadequate ways, trying in some way to lift a tiny bit of your burdens onto our shoulders as though we could, in some intangible way, ease your load. Our hearts ache with you. Our faith clings for you. Our hope for your future looms large, even with the total life change, change in directions, change in all aspects of you future.... We get a little angry with God, sometimes, too, that you have to face these changes. We got angry sometimes with God that our daughter had to become disabled and that her husband now has to live with someone who is not physically or emotionally the woman he married. You still have Kari, you still have her wonderful personality, you still have the one you loved to share your heart, your home and your future with. And you have a host of loving people who care and will continue to care for you both. Most of all, you both have the Savior who promises a future - a future with hope - for you both.

Merry Christmas and God bless you!!!

Jan Hirschy, Richland Center

Anonymous said...

Aaron and Kari,
I'm SO sorry someone has been so insensitive!! (Just UNBELIEVABLE!) Please know we hope the next couple weeks go better for you both.
With Love,
Tracy Anderson

Cyndi Fusek said...

To the insensitive commenter(s):
Obviously you are a person(s) who have never been to Craig and experienced the Staff there. Either that- or you are a self-serving staff member at Craig.

MANY of the staff at Craig are amazing, caring, beautiful people. I believe Aaron has said that OVER and OVER. HOWEVER- the FEW that are insensitive and arrogant make the WHOLE experience extremely tense.

I agree that no one can be held to a standard of perfection. But, to expect people in a "caring" profession to actually care- and to treat their patients with dignity and respect is NOT unreasonable. Yes, people make mistakes. But- if you had any CLUE in the world- you would understand that the points Aaron is making is not against people having a bad day. They are regarding people who are ARROGANT and SELF-SERVING in their very personalities. THAT is what is inappropriate. ALMOST as inappropriate as your stupid, stupid comments.
If these comments were made by an individual who has never been to Craig- why don't you try BEING there for a few days before making anymore idiotic comments. If these comments were made by someone who WORKS at Craig- why don't you LOOK AROUND you and see the pain and suffering and agony that HUNDREDS of people are feeling day after day after day and REALIZE that YOU AREN'T THEIR SAVING GRACE. And realize that EVERY PATIENT is UNIQUE and you can't rubber stamp their treatment. AND realize that AARON shouldn't have to be SCARED to leave Kari in your care, lest you treat her like a child that doesn't have cognitive reasoning abilities. I, for one THANK GOD every DAY that Kari is married to Aaron, who will fight tirelessly for her to receive quality care. And I also ask God every day that Kari will receive that quality care WITHOUT the endless fights. THAT is not expecting perfection. THAT'S expecting you to DO YOUR JOB!!! If you have a disagreement with Aaron or Kari regarding Kari's care then explain it to them like they are competent individuals. They're both highly intelligent people who do NOT need to be coddled.

I would like to thank the DOZENS of staff members at Craig who are UNbelievably kind, considerate, compassionate and caring. THEY are who the caring professions are intended for. They have provided unfailingly quality care- EVEN on their bad days. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kari and Aaron- you are almost home! I wish I could be there to greet you. I love you both and miss you terribly. Thank you for being each others rocks.

God bless,
Cyndi (Kari's sister)

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron--So sorry to read the negative comments you received. I'm also saddened to read of several rude "nurses." Hopefully those are not actual RN's, but maybe nurses' aides that haven't learned professionalism and caring for the whole patient,including her family. As an RN for 28 years, I've only met a few fellow RN's who make the rest of the profession ashamed. Also, I don't know if you know about the nurse staffing battle going on in Calif. and elsewhere. When I have to care for more patients than I can safely handle, I'm so stressed and embarrassed for my rushed, mediocre care that I just want to get out. That's partly why I try to stay in the NICU, where I can give excellent care to 3 very sick premies, instead of trying to give proper care to 8 people out on the floor. I'm in a family-centered area of nursing (maternal-child health), so I'm more used to including the whole family in my care. I guess I'm really sensitive to the poor care you've had recently, because of my background. I hope your remaining time at Craig will be better, and you'll both be back home in California before you know it. Continuing to pray for peace and comfort for both of you.---Diane Brodeen in Riverside.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys it's me Eduardo I hope you remember me. Well I'm sorry that I'm writing to you guys ANONYMOUSLY but, I was having some trouble trying to get a "Bloggers Account" so i hope it's O.K. I did it this way. Well enough about that I hope I find you both well. Chrismas is around the corner and I trust you are both high in spirit. I hope all goes well with everthing. So sorry for the short "blog" am really sleepy and it's also very late, and to top it all off I have school tomorrow. And I still can't thank you enough for my "first bible" and letting God use you to guide me where am at now Thnk you very much!! Both of you! Sincierly, Eduardo <><

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys it's me Eduardo I hope you remember me. Well I'm sorry that I'm writing to you guys ANONYMOUSLY but, I was having some trouble trying to get a "Bloggers Account" so i hope it's O.K. I did it this way. Well enough about that I hope I find you both well. Chrismas is around the corner and I trust you are both high in spirit. I hope all goes well with everthing. So sorry for the short "blog" am really sleepy and it's also very late, and to top it all off I have school tomorrow. And I still can't thank you enough for my "first bible" and letting God use you to guide me where am at now Thnk you very much!! Both of you! Sincierly,
Eduardo <><

cousin in Idaho said...

It's astounding to me how some people can be so venomous and hateful. Your blog is for your expression and you need to continue with that outlet. You have touched so many lives and so many of us are praying for you and your family. I believe that people who make such horrible, judgmental comments must be people who either think they have all the answers, or have never really gone through a black period in their lives. Their compassion is sadly lacking. Keep the faith and believe that the prayers of many are lifting you up when your faith falters. Merry Christmas to you both!

pam and ron engel said...

Aaron and Kari
Stay strong, stay focused, take one day at a time. Don't waste your energy on people who know not of what they speak. We're all behind you 100%! You've both come so far - soon you'll be in your own place, far away from those who would hurt you. Love you!

alicia said...

Hi Aaron,

I'm so sorry about things at the hospital. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of unkind behavior and it's an awful feeling.

Ps. 56:8
You keep track of all my sorrows.
You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

Just keep walking faithfully in what God puts in front of you, as you have been. I think you two have a lot to look forward to!

Romans 12:12
Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and always be prayerful.

Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. G.and Kari:
We've been following your progress through your blog and are so happy that you're close to being able to go home.Please try to focus on that, and not on the small minded comments that were posted. The progress you have made over the last few months is phenomenal. Please know that, even if we can't read regular updates on the blog, our thoughts are with you constantly.
The Lee/Bowlers (former Gage family)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aaron and Kari,
Please know that we choose to ingore the innapropriate postings and surrounding issues, but we have heard EVERYWORD that's been said. Continue to stand firm!
We are so proud of you both. Speaking of proud, Aaron, you would have been proud of the band and orchestra students at Gage last nite. They put on their holiday concert. They ALL did a superb job. Tears came to my eyes to see Thomas playing the timpinis, like he so often did last year on pieces you helped him learn. We are excited that you are finally coming home! And we are proud of both of you for your strength, integrity, and your ever changing sense of purpose.
Welcome home (almost!) and Merry Christmas! The Thomas Gross family.

Anonymous said...

Don't let mean spirited people get you down Kari and Aaron. Keep that beautful smile in your eyes Kari. You will be home so soon now. A wonderful present for all your students and parents at Gage.
Merry Christmas!
The Folger Family

Melissa Wilson said...

Hey you two. Don't let a couple of bad apples spoil the whole thing. People who really know you guys know what your all about. Stay focused on learning all you can before you come back. We are all anxiously awaiting your return and can't wait to see you both. Hang in there.
Mrs. Wilson

Anonymous said...

Kari & Aaron
I'm so sorry for all the terrible treatment your expierencing, there is NO need for any one to take advantage of you both!!!!!!!! Hospital's & the staff working there are not always nice!!!!! As your expierencing!! But go ahead and vent if you didn't you wouldn't be human!!! Thank God your almost home!!!! I wish you all the best in the next 2 weeks at Craig, and throughout this new year.
I love you both!!
Blessing be with you

Jen Chesher said...

Aaron and Kari--

I miss you both so much and I'm sorry that I haven't written more. I guess you should know me well enough that I am just listening and caring, and even praying a little:) for both of you. Of course it is hard. Of course you are angry. And of course it hurts that people don't understand. That's ok regardless of what other people think. I empathize, but at the same time I have no idea what it is like to be either of you right now. Maybe that's why its hard to think of what to say, except, I love you both and hope that you can be continue to be happy together sometime soon.

At the holidays you will be in the forefront of my thoughts.


jan barrett said...

Stay strong and be your loving selves. Feel free to share your feelings and they will be absorbed by the many who love you. Take one half hour at a time...Celebrate your progress and look to the future. You are loved. Jan and Gary

Anonymous said...

Still checking your website each day and awaiting the return of your updates. Hope you are both doing well and plans to go home are coming along fine. I'm sure you are counting down the days (minutes? seconds?). I wish you the best Christmas ever and a joyous New Year. May it hold many new memories of family and friends. May the love of Christ continue to lead you both as you begin your new endeavor, and may you both continue to be the shining lights you have always been to so many. God bless you Kari and Aaron.

Mylene and Eric said...

Hi Kari and Aaron,

We've been keeping up with your blogs each day since we first heard about the accident. Please know that you two have been so inspiring to us and that we hope and pray for the best. We could never comprehend being in your situation, but do understand that when you are emotional, angry or sad, all you want to do is be heard. That is not right for people (those nurses, and those anonymous bloggers) to be so insensitive.

We think about you every day. I hope you decide to continue the blog so that we can keep up with your progress. I understand that, when opening up your lives to the public, you expose yourselves to a lot of good and bad people. Maybe one day someone [good] will read this that will be able to help you and open more doors and provide opportunities.

Eric and I send our warmest wishes to you both for this holiday season.

Uncle Don said...

Dear Aaron,
We are so anxious to hear about Kari and how you are doing also. Hope you realize by not keeping us informed you are not hurting your critics. They well may be happy to have gotten the best of you and stopped your blogs. Some even many of us have prayed daily and often for you two, have sent support $'s for you to help in our small way to pay your mounting bills and stand by in every way we can. It is we who have done so who are the losers in not hearing. Please rethink this whole thing and do not allow them to make you bitter for then we all are hurt also. We love and appreciate all you do and are doing for your lovely wife, Kari. So hang tough and do not let those who would criticize get to you. God loves you and so do we. He will make a way for you and give grace when you need it to make you strong and encourage you. You are and will continue to be in our prayers.


Uncle Don

jan barrett said...

We miss your news. It is important that the people who are not making loving choices not be given the power to silence you. May the strength of God's love fill your hearts in this season of peace.
Love, Jan and Gary

Cubs fan said...

Hey Guys,
You are almost there, a couple more weeks and you will be home. A couple of weeks ago I preached here at Woodstock and you guys were apart of that sermon. I will try to send you a tape of it so you can hear it. Peace to you guys on this wonderful year. Now let us end this email with our hand shake Aaron....Slap, slap, underneath slap, backward slap, hand shake, come up with the J...WHAY...chest bump...HUH
Paul Alf

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. G,
Hi its gabbi atwell. How are you guys? Yesturday me and the family were reading a advent book, then this one page said, "nothing is impossible with God". that is so true. He made the blind see, the lame walk, and right now He is makeing your beloved wife and dear dear friend better. :). Everyone is praying. Everyone is loveing. The Lord is also, more then any one, He loves you guys and WILL make everything all better. I know for a fact that things will and are going to be just fine because the Lord is with both of you, He is like the visitor that never leaves, that is because He loves you both so much!!! We all miss you at gage. The BBQ thing broke so the lunch place doesnt smell bad. :). WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

heather velloff said...

Hi, Kari and Aaron~
I miss the blog updates, but I understand if you don't want to write. That's okay. Just know that my family and I are still thinking and praying for you every day!!! Is it suppose to snow in Denver? It's going to rain here... uck! Oh, well. I really hope it snows for you though... that would be the best! :)
Either way, you'll both be home - to your new home! - very soon. I can't imagine staying in a hospital for so long and I'm so sorry for the people who've treated you so poorly. When I read that you, my dear friends, were being treated in such a manner it really broke my heart.
Just know that so many love you so much and have the deepest respect, love, and sorrow for everything you've been through.
I love you!!! AND a very Merry Christmas!!!
Love Always,

Anne Hendrickson said...

Hello to Kari, Aaron, and all loyal readers of Kari's Blog:

I wanted to wish everyone the happiest of holidays. Let's continue to give Aaron and Kari our support through positive postings here, even though Aaron is not providing updates right now. I imagine this is when they need our love and support more than ever. We love you Aaron and Kari! Things are dark right now, but change is right around the corner. Be careful, safe and as happy as you can. Keep repeating, "the glass is half full, the glass is half full. . ."

Aaron, we are thinking of you and know that you are working hard to assure Kari's comfort.

Love, Anne

Jane said...

Hi Kari,
I dont know you. I bought a bracelet at battle of the bands at Ramona High school. My Nephew Skyler Dummer was a student of your husbands at Nephew is now at poly high school. I wore the bracelet until you got out of the hospital.Im glad that everything is going well for you and your husband.

May God Bless You,

Jane Manley

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,
you dont know me. I bought a bracelet at battle of the bands at Ramona High school. My Nephew Skyler Dummer was a student of your husbands at Nephew is now at poly high school. I wore the bracelet until you got out of the hospital.Im glad that everything is going well for you and your husband.

May God Bless You,

Jane Manley