Tuesday, March 21, 2006



I’m typing to you on my new nifty little computer!  I love it!  Tomorrow I will start training the voice activated software.  We also will be getting the voice activated phone tomorrow.  

Several of you have asked about my sermon last Sunday.  It went very well.  I talked about our experience over the last 8 months- how critical my condition was at the beginning- my 40 day vacation from reality—all the fun parts!  I talked about a thought-changing conversation I had with Candi, our hospital chaplain, concerning the death and resurrection of Jesus.  This conversation and Romans 8 were the basis of my sermon.  There was a great response- praise be to God.

Things are going well at home.  We are still overwhelmed.  We still have a way to go with settling in.  It’s frustrating for me to not be able to help Aaron.  He is so tired when he gets home from work that after making dinner, doing the dishes and taking care of me, there is no energy left to do anything else.  Our dear friend Sarah, who is the one that stays with me, helps us out tremendously.  Our friend, Nicole, also hangs out with a few days a week and is a huge help.  We love our two girls!

That’s it for now.  Please leave your comments.  They entertain me!
Love to you all.


Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

I am so joyful and grateful the sermon went so well for you. That has to be an encouragement for the next time, though I am sure you are looking for some time off now. I also am sure you would have found just some incidental things in the process that will go smoother next time. Any chance the sermon could make it to St. Charles on tape, CD or MP-3 ?

I tend to have a little "too much" fun with new electroning toys... computers, guitars, tape recorders. The grocery stores around here now all you need is your "fingerprint" to check out. I was actually working on the early generation of that about 14yrs ago. I do pray the voice software, which of course will take some time, is an advanced product, and doesn't cause frustration. I am less suspecious of the phone.

I / we have all you in prayer, especially Aaron right now for strength, peace, and Sabbath. We know it isn't easy, either for him, but as you said, for you as well. Of course you are frustrated you can't help him. You know I have been there myself. I saw the doctor yesterday, for three weeks my time in bed for the day had gone from 10-11hrs to even around 14hrs, and consistantly, at least 12hrs. Humbly, a lot of that accompanied with the common pain you have seen before.

Life is fairly easy though with the kids grown. (Kari just turned 21yrs). The tough part for me, and has been all along is I never have been one who wants to "rest and heal". Funniest thing I remember about that right now is after Cyndi's wedding, when I wanted to go back to Praise band, Cyndi said I was supposed to stay home, and not just eat ice cream, but "eat ice cream with sprinkles..."

Ice cream aside, yes, it is a frustration. But the Lord is not at all taking away your ability to do His work, and again, this is something good to reinforce right after the sermon. Acceptance is difficult a times. Still, as such, I think of Philippian's 4:4 or so. Paul and Silias singing hymns in the prison... Even though my disability started years before your wedding, humbly, in less than the last year, I have sent out 7,000 or so, probably more, personal emails of encouragement in the name of the Lord to those who have similiar afflictions. The numbers of emails have increased steadily over 10yrs.

Do your best now to be at peace. The computer will be a wonderful tool for the Lord, as well as the phone. Yes, honest frustration that you can't help Aaron with his long days is part of your life. I know you pray for him, and now, even though I was unaware of Nicole helping, I now see there is both Sarah and Nicole helping, and my prayers will be there for all. Aside from bad days, and moments, which we all have, I know you will continue moving forward.

Patience is often an early stage of that plan, and I know the computer will take time to program. It took me 2-1/2yrs of assembly, changing parts, and finally engineering and completing the guitar I now use at church. It works real good, though, humbly...

And finally, we don't know when we wake up in the morning what God will not only ask of us for each day, but what "commitments". Long term prayer and support for people which may be asked of us, and "added" to what we already do.

Prayers are with you and Aaron, and, everyone you have mentioned from the needing prayer from the beginning of this journey.


Charlie +

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

And another thing... Very early on after the accident I recall it was said that you would continue to recover more and more for as much as 18 months, though no one can project what it will be. This is a prayer that has never left my heart, either. Still, I can only see things getting easier in time...


Charlie +

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,

I'm not sure if you'd remember me, but I met Aaron through my boyfriend (now fiancee) Eric at NIU. And I met you for the first time at your wedding. I've been following your website since the beginning (Last summer). What I've learned from your experiences is that I take more time to enjoy the little things in life. You are so strong..that's really amazing. We think about you and Aaron all the time. You're doing so great. Keep posting! :)

Mylene Santiano

susan colby said...

Oh Kari, my sweet girl. It is so good to hear your voice. Do you remember when I was there with you? I so loved being there. I really wanted to come back. I know you don't want to be on a pedastal, but to me you have always been there. You know that. I love you. Say hi to Aaron.


Julie Phend said...

I have been following events through Alice and this website since last summer, and have written a couple of times and prayed many more. But it is so wonderful to hear directly from you, to be able to hear your cheerfulness, and recognize the talent you possess. Bless you. (Even though you say you aren't special, I think you BOTH are!)
Love, Julie Phend

Anonymous said...

Kari, I am so proud of you. I wish I could have heard your sermon. I am in the midst of planning a Good Friday and Easter service for Craig. It's good times. I continue to pray for you and Aaron...for peace, strength, and guidance.
Peace to you both this day!

Tonya Melton-Gigous said...

Kari, so great to hear from you again. It's great that you'll be getting hooked up with some new technology soon. I think about you often and check this site daily when Graham (5) and Caleb (2) allow me the time. It's fun to peek in here and see a new message from you. I think a lot about coming to visit you and look forward to a time when that will work out. (especially considering it's only supposed to get up to 32 degrees here today......blah!!!) No, seriously.....Joy, Erin and I talk a lot about jumping on a plane and coming to visit with you. It would be fun if that ever worked out. I'm downstairs typing and I just heard one of the boys open the refridgerator and say, "Wow, look, eggs!" I guess I should go for now. Take care.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...


It is nice to hear that things are settling down and that you guys are doing well. I pray for your healing and that Aaron will get the rest he needs. I am glad to hear that your sermon went well. We were praying for you and your sermon here at STFMC.

What a blessing to have your two friends around so much to help!
Have a wonderful day!
Carrie Schubbe

John Fusek said...


Great to hear about the new laptop! Can't wait to hear how the new software works out as well. After I ordered it, I spent some time reading about all of it's capabilities - should be fun once you get the hang of it!

I saw a segment on an online news website about "Monkey Helpers". They are specially trained monkeys who are given (for free) to quads to help them around the house. Though, I'm not sure how Tulip would tolerate it, I think it would be a great playmate for Edidiong. The one that they focused on actually made it's owner popcorn! Pretty cool. Then again, why would you need a monkey helper when you already have Sarah!? : ) Of course who knows what Sarah will be doing when she and Jeremiah get hitched...oh...that money room!

If Sarah has time (and if she is still talking to me), ask her to take some pix and send them to me...I could post some current photos of you on the site.

Love you and Aaron lots! Sara too!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Miss Kari,
Do you use that mouth piece they gave you when I was out there last? Does you mouth get really sore? I am just trying to imagine how laboring that must be to send us notes. Voice activated will make it so much easier.
I am sitting here trying to come up with "entertaining" tidbits that the entire world can read.
Cyndi gave me a wonderful pep talk about going to Jerusalem (I am still chicken).
Kyle and Wendi have started quite a baby boom (no Yessa's yet).
God is good - all is well.
Thanks for the updates - it is so good to hear from you.
Jan Yessa

Anonymous said...

Dear Kids, This probably won't go but I'm trying to send a comment which I never have before. I was very excited to hear you were preaching your first sermon. We did pray for you at our church which was 2 hours before your church started. Everyone was excited to hear about you preaching already. I'm very proud of you. I"m also very proud of Aaron as a son and husband for my daughter and pray for him and know he must be exhausted all the time. I wish I could help but am a little far away. Love you guys lots and pray for you continuously. Love MOM

karen said...

Am proud of you both for your perseverence in the necessary things of life and your devotion to each other. I would have loved to have heard your sermon on Sunday since partly I have never heard you preach. I"m very proud of you. You are both loved more than you could possibly know. I hope I can make this go as a comment. I"m trying my best to learn to do computers. Love, MOM

Anonymous said...

Dear Kari and Aaron,
Wow, what a great thing to hear from you, yourself, Kari. Hope the new computer and phone free you to be able to do your work and play more easily. I bet there weren't any dry eyes in the house when you gave your sermon. Wow. What I wouldn't give to have been there. Anyway, thanks for the updates, and keep them coming when you can. Give Aaron a kiss for me, too. I love you guys. Vicki Ainsworth

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari and Aaron,
Wow, it has been so good to hear from you, Kari, and hear what you have been up to first hand. Hope the new computer and software make that fun and much easier for you. Sounds like Aaron is working hard, but I know how much he loves you, and wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Sounds like your sermon was awesom. Wish I could have been there to hear it. Well, keep the updates coming when you can. I love you guys. Vicki Ainsworth

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari & Aaron I'm soooooo happy to read your blogs & comments Praise be to God I'm glad to hear you gave a sermon. I was listening to your CD from mooseheart today your so wonderful Kari I'm very happy you can still do your work & touch people in the way you always have.
Aaron don't forget to take a little time for yourself you desirve it. I know it's hard but you still have to take care of yourself too!! Praise God
Love & blessings to you both.

kathy timmers said...

Good morning, dear Kari,
What a joy to find another note from you- and I pray you didn't hurt your sweet face too much doing all that typing :-) And how exciting that your
voice activated computer program and phone are with you and you can begin using them. It's so wonderful to be able to hear from you and how you and Aaron are doing. You guys are never far from my thoughts and rarely does a day go by that someone doesn't ask me about you-
whether it's my co-workers, or family or friends. Can't wait to share that your sermon went well and will be re-reading Romans 8 with fresh eyes as soon as I sign off!

Rest well in Him today and know that you and Aaron, and Sarah and Nicole, are covered in the prayers
of many.
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Kari and Aaron,
What's up guys. Great to hear all the things are going well. Kari, I told you from the very beginning at IYC when you were first falling in love with Aaron that he was the right one for you :) Amazing to hear that you are preaching again, I wish I was there to hear it and hang out with you guys. Hey, guess what, I am getting ordained this year, scary huh. Talk to you guys soon....We love you.
Paul and Tiffany Alf

Anonymous said...

Hi, Beautiful Kari!
How ya' doin' today???? Well, I tried to post a comment a few days ago, but after I wrote the comment, the computer lost it's connection....
Anyways, sorry, but I WAS thinking about you and I too prayed for you on Sunday morning. I thought of you during my church service and since I go to the late service and there's a two hour time difference, it should have been around the same time!!! (oh, well, i'm sure God can adjust the time of a prayer either way!)
I wish I could have been there too. You had me laughing out loud at your 2nd post. You're so funny! Have you had the lasik? How did it go? I would love to call you.... but I don't have your new number. I promise not to talk too long if you give me your number ;). You know I love you!!!
My email is thvelloff@sbcglobal.net or heather@strawproductions.com .... which I think you have those.
Anyways, please don't feel obligated to write me right away or anything b/c I know you must have a gazillion people to write, but I would love to hear from you. I hope you're having some fun with your new software. Thank God for all the great technology in our day and age!!!! Well, I could write a book, but I'll say goodbye and save some room on the blog for someone else!! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the lasik question... I just re-read the blog... the 28th is the big day!! That's very exciting!
:) love,

Anonymous said...





Dawn Spencer said...

Hi Kari and Aaron..... This is Dawn Spencer (formally Alf) I was so excited to read your blog. Throughout the past 7 months I have prayed and prayed and prayed....for you. I remember our short conversation in Kansas and really hoped that we can keep in contact with each other. I was a little hesitant. But now seems like a good time....things are beginning to "somewhat" settle down for you. Please email me dspencer77@yahoo.com. I would love to hear from you. I think your email is posted on the website, so I might just email first.

What's new with me???
Chicago is still cold (there is actually snow falling as I type), but things are good for me and my family. I'm starting a new business....Event and Wedding Planning.....and I'm very excited about it. My girls are 3 and 4 now and they are loving life.

Well, Kari, please email me sometime.....I would love to talk to you also......
May God continue to bless you and your husband.
Your Friend,
Dawn Spencer

Joy said...

Sweet, Sweet Kari,

Are we only good for entertainment?!?! :-) How did the Lasik surgery go? We've been praying for you. What a blessing to not have to worry about glasses/contacts again! It's amazing that there are still wonderful people out there willing to help others! Way cool on the preaching aspect! How was breathing and everything? Wish we could have been out there to offer support. I heard you're doing a wedding this summer...rumor or truth? Can I come? ;-) Thanks for taking the time to write us...I'm sure it's no easy task but we appreciate it! Now that Aaron has the voice activated stuff working, hopefully it won't be such a burden! How many exclaimations can one person have in a blog?!?! I'm just that excited to see progress! :-) Keep us posted (pun definitely intended!) :-)

Much love always,
Joybird (and Nate)

P.S. - Aaron, you're difinitely in our thoughts and prayers too. Glad school is going so well! We'll keep praying for strength and rest.

Diane Brodeen said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron. I had just about given up on seeing any more updates from you. Checked again today and was so happy to see some news. Glad you're settling in at home. Your life sounds more exhausting than a night shift nurse's. I'm bidding on a 12-hour night shift this week, so maybe I can have a life and get some rest, too. 5 nights a week is making me feel elderly! It was good to hear about Aaron's work, Kari's sermon, and all your helpful hi-tech gadgets. Let me know if I can drop off a dinner sometime, or whatever you need. You should have my email from your guest book. Happy Birthday to Kari!
--Diane Brodeen