Friday, March 17, 2006

A brief update

Hello everyone!

It was so good to read all your comments.  There are a few more things I wanted to tell you.  A few people have asked if we could post our address on the website.  We are not comfortable doing over the internet.  So if you would like our new address, please email us and we will decide if we want to give it to you. (hee, hee!)  
Secondly, I am having FREE lasik eye surgery on March 28.  My sister Cyndi found an ad in a magazine in Sept. about a Dr. in LA that does this free for quadrepelegics (how the heck do you spell that word?)  Anyway I met him last week-he’s very excited to do this surgery for me…and get this!  His PR guy emailed me a couple of days ago and wants to call the media in because they think my story is interesting.  So my surgery might be on the evening news.  (
One more thing- if you’re the praying type- This Sunday I am preaching my first sermon since our accident.  I’m not sure how it will work out-I can’t write notes- and I’m not good at just “winging it!”  Also I don’t have good breath support since a lot of my “breathing muscles” are paralyzed.  So I get winded pretty quick.  It might be a really short sermon.  No complaints there, huh?
Ok- my mouth is tired…good-bye for now.
Love to you all,


Katie (Bost) Heuer said...

Hi Kari and Aaron,
Kari -- It's great to "hear" from you on the blog! We will be praying for you and wishing you the best on Sunday with your sermon. Short or long, we know it will be wonderful!

Love you both,
Katie and Ty

Anonymous said...

I miss you! You will do an amazing job on your sermon. Don't worry about notes or no notes...God has placed blessed words on your heart to share. Because of you this verse has been on my mind a lot Isaiah 43:4 "Because yo are precious in my sight, and honored, and I love you." Carry that with you as you preach. You are called by God and it was a honor to serve with you at Craig. As much as I was your chaplain, you have been mine.
Blessings to you and Aaron!
Great job on the typing - it is great to hear from you.

Peace and joy,

Anonymous said...

Hi there Kari,
We want to come to your service tomorrow---So,see you then.Love Aunt Jinny

TMG said...

So great to hear from you. I can sense your joy of life from reading your messages.....the Kari we all know and love. We're still praying for you and interested in what's going on in your life. I'm still keeping my promise to you to pray for you and not to forget to learn the lesson that God is trying to teach us. I'd love to have your address and promise to use it only for good. If I am found to be an acceptable recipient for the information, please email it to Much love to you and Aaron from Michigan.

Tonya Melton-Gigous said...

Hey Kari! It's so great to hear from you. I can sense your "joy of life" in reading your messages....the Kari we all know and love. We're still praying for you here and are interested in what's going on in your life. I'm still keeping the promise I made you when I visited you in Colorado to pray for you and to try not to forget to hear what God is saying. Much love to you and Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kari and Aaron,
I thought I would leave a commont. I miss you both. I'll definatly be praying about your sermon and im sure it will be great. God will bless you during the sermon. Love you!

~Aleshia Hawkins.

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

I am excited about a lot of things, seeing your update, and the comments. Of course, I have Aaron, and Sarah in prayer, too, as well as others you have mentioned.

You are a whole long way from Kathy and I at this point. I recall mention of coming to town this summer or fall. A lot of people will want to see you. Ask Aaron, maybe we should hold the reception at Wrigley Field...

I saw Aaron's brothers were working on some music. I have had the next song picked out for a long time to do here in the Den of Ick II. Last time I recorded was the beginning of December. Seeing you write must have encouraged me as I have 3 of 4 tracks down, and working on the fourth since Saturday.

I am sure your sermon was wonderful... Something comes to mind Derin says often, "Preach Jesus at all times... If necessary, use words..." Weak voice, no voice, you have already touched me, and again, I am way far away...


Charlie +

Anonymous said...

Hi Kari,it's good to hear from and and know that you're doing well. You're doing great with the writing-gosh,it takes me that long to type things on the computer.I hope to see you soon,maybe at a Gage function.

Adam Holverson said...

Hey Kari & Aaron!
Emily and I definitely feel California calling our name:) We loved our first visit back in 2003, and hopefully will be able to see you one way or another before too long. It's funny how the days roll by...seems as though the past 6 months for me have just been a blur of different carpentry jobs and youth events. But it's amazing how faithful God is even in what seems at times to be mundane life. He's been showing me that a lot lately...and I'm reminded of the strength that comes through being part of the body of Christ as I think of you two. You've been faithful friends to Em and I and we try to be the same for you. Thanks for always sharing your hearts! We love you two and think of you daily.

Adam & Emily

Desiree said...


I am so happy to hear that you preached! Wish I could have been there. WE miss you guys. Rick really wants Lasik surgery too. I'm sure it will be nice not to have to worry about your glasses. Love you guys.