Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Quick update

Thanks everyone, for your kind thoughts and words. My caregiver came back on Monday and we were able to work out an agreement with her. So for the time being, we are okay. We are so grateful because we are so busy this month.
Please keep thinking about any tips you may have on our aforementioned predicament. Some of you asked about donations...if you go to the "donate" tab on the website, there are instructions.
Sorry for the briefness of this blog- I just wanted to update you on my caregiver situation.
Thanks for your constant support!
Love, Kari


Cerise said...

Thanks for the update, Kari, and I'm relieved that you've made an arrangement with your caretaker. I'm hopeful that your situation with them will continue to be entirely satisfactory from your perspective. [smile] That's about as diplomatic as I get, by the way.

Love to you and Aaron, and thanks for the tip re: donations.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kari--Glad your caretaker situation is OK, at least for the moment. I've been trying to get a message through on your blog, but these just don't seem to be getting through. Diane Brodeen

Charlie + said...

Dear Kari + Aaron,

I am so sad to see you in that pinch. It has been 12yrs I have been online with those that have needed mainly mental health assistance, meds, treatment, and health care, public and private is worse than a mess. I have seen lives lost. Friends...

Sarcastic isn't the word I use. I go with cynical. Honestly, though, I didn't ask for things to be this. I am sitting pretty with Kathy's insurance and the ability to manage myself with help.

At the same time, when I am in contact with my friends, I can't be cynical. Faith has shown me that Jesus is bigger than all the crummy things in this world.

So, I am here, I am in prayer. We got our miracles for Amy and Melissa, we will for you, in faith...

Love/Peace/Strength... Blessings,

Charlie +

Anonymous said...

Could you email your mailing address to
Tonya Gigous

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kari & Aaron--So sorry to hear Aaron was ill during his dad's visit! Glad he's doing better now. Let me know if you want to try to go see Amy together sometime, Kari. We had such an awesome visit yesterday. Amy is off the vent 12 hours a day now--she's catching up with you fast! I'm so thankful to know you, and also thankful you introduced me to Amy.
God bless you! Love, Diane