Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Something overheard

     Today was a good day for Kari.  She continues to have a low-grade fever, but it's definitely lower than it was, and the doctors are being conservative with antibiotics.  She also did more sitting in a chair, which she enjoys so much.  When her physical therapist was doing some range of motion work with her, she accidently disconnected Kari's IV, and nobody noticed until Kari said, "I feel something wet on my hand."  Linda said her thumb was only slightly wet, so perhaps feeling is returning more and more each day.  We hope this might be the forerunner of real movement returning to that hand as well.
     Linda also reports that six envelopes of emails were delivered today, and that she has filled up three full, two-inch binders with them, and that some of them express some jealousy over Linda's being able to be there to serve Kari.  You're all just like the nurses in the Critical Care Unit who were jockeying just for the privilege of taking care of her!  My neice Megan said she understood that prayer  was coming from all over the world.  "I've got Ireland covered," she said, which is where she's spending the summer.  Thank you all for these attitudes.  We will let you know if we need people to actually come to Denver, but the situation still remains so fluid, and your prayers and emails are more powerful than words can express here.  What an uplift these are to everyone, not just Kari.
     There appears to be a gap where we might be able to use someone.  Linda must leave Thursday afternoon, and we do not return until August 13th, but I simply don't know yet the details of these eight intervening days to be able to say, "Come to Denver!"  Still, if anyone might be able to come, why don't you reply to this update and include your email address so we might be able to get in touch quickly.  There has been some thought that Rob might be back, but we are not sure yet.  I'll try to clear this up, but that may be hard.  For one thing, the move from the Swedish Hospital to the adjoining Craig Rehabilitation Hospital is still up in the air.  This afternoon Linda just happened to overhear a doctor from Craig out in the hall talking about Kari.  She reports that he was so enthusiastic, saying that Kari is going to be a great candidate and that he really wanted to get her over there soon--maybe by the end of the week, hopefully for sure next week.  What this means for visitors or those coming to help, I just can't say now. 
     Aaron is feeling much better today, having been ordered to get more rest, and through some of his students in Riverside, CA, he's been contacted by one of the area papers that wants to do a story on Kari and maybe help in some fund raising.
     The Morris's left early today.  Keep Karen Morris, Kari's Mom, especially in your prayers.  More visitors came, too.  Some of the kids, especially, seemed to think she was almost too fragile to touch, but Linda showed them she wasn't, and Kari is taking more charge of the situation herself, asking them questions to ease their shyness and firmly controlling the time they spend with her.  All in all, a good day. 
--Richard R. Guzman 


susan colby said...

Again, thank you for all of the detail and insight you are sending to us. I am so grateful that many people who have been able to go to Denver, are there to support Kari and Aaron and all of those who are there to support you and Linda as well. This is Susan from the St. Charles Church, and I know we would all love to come and be with Kari and Aaron, but I for one am concerned with overwhelming her. I would love to know how and when I can support them with my presence. I am waiting and resting as you suggested for direction on how to proceed and exactly what is needed most for Kari. Thanks again, and let us know more how to help. Susan Colby

Halee Gray Scott said...


My name is Halee Scott, and I am driving Aaron's car from Loma Linda to Denver. I'll be in sometime Saturday morning/early afternoon, and I'll be ready to help anyway I can. I'm staying Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday (my flight leaves for Ontario at 9pm.) Aaron knows this, but I wanted to just post it for the sake of clarity. Let me know if there's anymore I can do.

Susan Arch said...

I, also, would be available to fly out for the "lag period" when Aaron and Kari would need some help. My phone number is on the last e-mail I posted to Kari. Please call if you need someone to come out last minute. Thanks.
Susan Arch
Geneva, Il.